Are weddings in Maui really any less expensive on weekdays?

So we picked our original date on a Wednesday for 9-13-17 and had planned to have a welcome dinner the night before followed by a brunch the next day. We are only planning on 10-12 people or so and most are retired. However I have a couple cousins who still work. My aunt had made a comment like, "You know the 13th is a Wednesday right"? So it got me thinking, on an island such as Maui where weddings happen all week, is it actually cheaper on a Wednesday vs. say a Friday?

Would I pay more by moving the wedding date to a Friday?

Re: Are weddings in Maui really any less expensive on weekdays?

  • We found the venue for our wedding was about $550 (I think that was the difference) cheaper on a weekday.  Our wedding was on a Monday.  It really depends on where the wedding is going to be.  Contact them and ask.  The rest was the same price.
    We figured that if people were travelling to Maui, they would most likely spend more then a weekend there.  But we choose a Monday in case some people wanted to get back to work.  No one did.  I think everyone stayed at least a week.  
  • Thanks! That is good to know. I think the general consensus from feedback is most will likely stay the week, because who wants to go to Hawaii and turn around and go home. They have about 2 years notice to make it a trip.
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    We got married in Oahu on a Monday.  It was the same price as a Saturday, so check with your venue on their pricing.  Everyone will be different

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