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A Brazilian/American Wedding!

Oi meninas! Eu sou americana que vai casar com um brasileiro! Nos estamos tao felizes por tudo o que Deus nos deu! 

Ok, I am marrying a Brazilian from Minas Gerais. I know about the bem casados and we will have a table of doces with brigadeiros and all kinds of stuff. We also want a caipirinha station/special cocktail. I also know about the differences in the bridal party traditions, but are there any other brides out there who have had a mixed cultural wedding with a Brazilian and have any ideas on what to include?

I think something big for my American family and friends is a little discussion on the differences in culture and how we dress/introduce ourselves/party and how it's all good and great and beautiful! I guess include a little "lesson" in invitations and my wedding website? Or have little signs explaining traditions? I just want to make sure his culture isn't lost on our big day!
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