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Wedding Recap/Advice to Future Brides!

The time has come and gone and I write this as I sit drinking tea in my honeymoon suite, waiting for my *husband* to wake up! (His body has adjusted swimmingly to the time change... mine has not!) Our wedding was this past Sunday, and it seems like time has gone in warp speed since the day before! I wish I could rewind, slow down time, and live it over again. My biggest piece of advice would be to enjoy it. REALLY enjoy it. I found myself stressing over timeline and what-ifs and small details, and by the time the night was over, I hadn't even had a chance to finish my dinner or enjoy dessert (besides the cupcake we cut and smushed in each other's faces!)

Besides that, my biggest regret would be having a friend do the ceremony and not practicing it enough. Because she isn't a JP by trade, she wasn't as familiar with the process. Our ceremony felt short and unrehearsed. If I had time, I would have liked to meet with her a few more times to get it just right. But in reality, I'm probably overthinking it. Everyone who attended said the ceremony was beautiful! 
One other thing... timeline! Really go over it. Make sure everything makes sense. Our timeline seemed to drag on in some places and I found myself wanting to jump around. By the time we cut cake, most of our guests had already left! I should have figured this would happen, for a Sunday night wedding. If I could go back, I would probably make everything earlier. 

Anyway, all complaints aside... our wedding was beautiful and I am MARRIED! and I can't wait to get back home and start life as newlyweds! (Don't get me wrong... I'm loving my honeymoon in San Diego... but the east coast is calling me back home for the last few weeks of foliage!)

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    Congratulations!!! I am officially a married woman now too! I agree on fully enjoying it, I was all over the place, and at one point said I don't care anymore I know I said this was important but I just want to have fun. Our entire day of time line ended up getting messy, so that kinda stunk. Our photographer went to the wrong location for our first look (he parked where I told him GPS would bring him but that he shouldn't park, and me being the genius I am didn't have my cellphone) so that kinda made things a bit off as well. I think I am going to contact him to see if we can get together with me in my dress and hair done so we can get some more shots because I realized while on my honeymoon we didn't get a single shot of me by myself. How does that happen?? He's been awesome so I think it will be ok. Overall everything was great, but the perfectionist on me is realizing the stupid things that didn't go as planned. Things no one would ever realize and truly do not matter! I think I had mentioned that I took on the task of DIY with all our flowers....that was beyond successful! I want thousands of flowers delivered to my house all the time now! I hope everyone else's days turn out just as wonderful. Don't sweat the small stuff, it really doesnt matter in the grand scheme of things!!
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    I got married on the 10-3-15 and I agree with the two ladies above! Just enjoy the day! I remember stressing out the whole week before and now I look back and think why? Everything went the way it should have; all except for the back of my cake completely falling off.  The venue did the best they could to fix it and not tell me so I would not worry but it is hard to miss a chunk of cake missing.  I ended up just laughing about it when I found out because really, why cry over cake.  I do suggest that everyone sit and eat.  I was given this advice and I only ended up eating half of my plate; wish I had eaten more.  Also plan for your timeline to not go exactly as planned; we ran into several bumps due to family coming late, but I just went with it.  Overall just try to have fun and remember that you are marrying the love of your life and that is all that matters when the day is over. 
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