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A girl I know is getting married this evening. Unfortunately, it is going to be thundering, lightening, and pouring outside right around the time of her ceremony, which means (I'm guessing) it's going from outdoors to indoors. I genuinely feel bad; I don't wish bad weather on any bride or groom.

But, I'm also feeling a bit snarky because she made such a stink about her guests' attire for the formal, outdoor ceremony. On her wedding website, facebook, etc.

Ceremony is outdoors so please dress accordingly! It's October so it may be cool. But please keep in mine our wedding is formal. So please dress formal but appropriate for the fall. Men in suit jackets and ladies in dresses in shawls or wraps. You may want to wear thick heels as the ceremony and cocktail hour is on the grass. Reception is indoors but will also be formal.

I mean.. jeez. Overkill. I'm baffled by the amount of time people focus on what their guests are wearing. 
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Re: Attire recommendations

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    I got stuck on the typo, too.

    So, is it mine? yours? bullshit to dictate wedding attire to a possibly formal (I wasn't sure, ha!) wedding?

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    I would be so tempted to wear jeans, a sweater and boots.

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    Wait... is their wedding formal?

    I don't know where you're from, but I live in MN. October nights are really cold (I went to a baseball game last Friday and had three layers on), I would either not be wearing formal attire or I would have formal attire hidden under a big jacket, hat, mittens, and boots.  Perhaps her guests are getting lucky because now they don't have to be outside at all.
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