Looking for a reception venue- 300 people, allows own alcohol, catering

I am having such a hard time finding a reasonably priced venue that can hold ~300 people, and will allow us to bring in our own caterer and alcohol. Would love a rustic site with indoor/outdoor entertaining areas, but since that is the 'popular' theme of the past few years, most places we've found like that are either already booked, too small, or ridiculously overpriced.

We will not need a ceremony space at the venue.

Can anyone offer any suggestions? Would like to be at least within 20 mins from the 270 loop (in any direction), as we will be having a lot of out-of-town guests as well.

Re: Looking for a reception venue- 300 people, allows own alcohol, catering

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    donethatdonethat member
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    You may not be able to get every piece of your puzzle (guest size, reasonable price, bring own alcohol &/or caterer, 20 mins drive window, nice inside and outside possibilities ....), but here are a few that have many of your requirements

    Bryn du


    Walter's Commons at St. Charles

    Good Luck :-)

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    We are having our wedding at the Vue...while they do not let you bring in your own caterer, they let you bring in your own booze and is a very large space!
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    lrs2016lrs2016 member
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    We were able to find a place back near my fiance's hometown that fulfills everything but the rustic atmosphere, but we will easily be able to invite all of our family and friends.

    Thanks though!!
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