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Engagement photo questions

So my fiance and I are living about 7.5 hours from where we will be getting married.  I am not sure how to go about engagement photos.  Would it be a terrible idea to do the photos where we are living? I know some of the point is to work with a photographer before the wedding to get a feel for each other, but it is really hard to justify that amount of money on gas as a graduate student trying to pay for a wedding.  Any advice or insight would be definitely be appreciated.

Re: Engagement photo questions

  • We didn't do our engagement pictures where we are getting married or use the same photographer. People are right and it can be a great way to get to know your photographer but if traveling there doesn't make sense for you I think just doing them can be good too. For us it taught me a bit more on what I liked/expected from the photos and how to communicate with a photographer. For example I didn't ask for any close ups of my ring and I really wish I had. I just kind of assumed of the hundreds of photos there'd be one and I was disappointed when there wasn't. So maybe my lesson should have been obvious but I learned that you actually have to tell them what you want not assume since they can't read your mind. Also my FI isn't a big picture person so it helped him get a little more comfortable in front of a camera. 

    So in my opinion if you can do it with your photographer that's great but if you can't then getting them done somewhere else/with someone else is still totally worth it. You will learn a lot with the process and I think it will make your wedding photos come out better. Plus we used our photos for our STDs and for our guestbook, plus I gave copies of them out to family in frames and they loved them! 
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  • Sorry, I'm a little late here.  We're getting married 5 hours from where we live. We are using the same photographer for engagements and the wedding. He is local to where we live now.  We did our engagements where we live, and I'll do my bridals here too. Our photographer doesn't charge for travel, so it worked out perfectly for us (we will still pay for his hotel and meals on wedding weekend, of course). It would have made me nervous to not have a session with him until the day of the wedding!
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