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Nevada-Las Vegas

Photographer & In-Suite DJ

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What suggestions do you have regarding photographers? I have Imagine working my ceremony at Caesars, but don't know if I should use them afterwards and at the reception.

Secondly, did/will anyone hire a DJ for an in-suite reception??

Re: Photographer & In-Suite DJ

  • I would say skip Imagine post-ceremony. They'll charge an arm an a leg. If you're looking for high quality (and high dollar), Gin & Sake do AMAZING work. Bentley & Wilson are also board favourites. Joey Allen is another favourite, and is kind of an in-between in price.

    We're just going to do an iPhone playlist for ours, but we're very low-key. Depending on where your in-suite is and what you're planning would determine if self-DJing is a good idea for you or not; I know lots of couples have had success both with a DJ and without when at the Vista suite at Mandalay Bay.
  • Any other suggestion for Photographers that are not high dollar?

    I don't mind self DJ'ing, just wasn't sure if the dock I hear they have in the room is sufficient. I want dancing, not just background music.

  • I've got a ton of photogs here: http://www.vegasgroom.com/9/

    If you're not bringing your own A/V equipment, one nice thing about a DJ is the fact that they would bring their own equipment so you are not reliant on the room.  It's not uncommon for people to mention in their reviews that the ipod dock in the various suites was non-functional, leading to a scramble on wedding day to get something to play the music on.

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  • Have many brides opted to hire a DJ for their in-suite reception?

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    I'd say more don't than do, often due to cost.  The only DJ that seems to come up regularly that is relatively inexpensive is DJ Godzilla.  http://www.vegasgroom.com/DJ-Godzilla_2.html

    Married old Las Vegas hag groom - June 2011

    Getting married in Vegas? Start here! [click]

  • Yes, I keep seeing his name pop up. Thanks
  • DJ Godzilla is amazing
  • I had DJ Godzilla for my insuite at The Star Dust and he was amazing!
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