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AW I'm married!!! PIP

I got married yesterday! The weather was beautiful, and I had a wonderful time.

I think that my three favorite parts were the ceremony, dancing, and the speeches that our family and friends wrote for us.

Our officiant had us write letters that explained why we chose one another. I was unaware that our letters would be read out loud during the ceremony. I got really choked up and I pretty much bawled like a baby.

My H and I danced a ton and even Emmett joined in! We danced the hora, did all the traditional dances, and managed to get down with our bad selves with the guests.

The wedding speeches were well planned out in terms of timing. I was so emotional after each speech, and I'm glad that our wedding party provided copies so that we can use them in a scrap book.

The night ended on somewhat of a scary note (I managed to faint due to the tight corset mixed with heat exhaustion and dehydration) but other than that small snafu it was a beautiful wedding and I couldn't ask for more.

I don't have many pics but i managed to have some friends send these. Enjoy!

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