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Emergency advice!

We are planning to iPod our wedding. Unfortunately, fiancée and I don't have the same taste in music. I have classical songs I want to hear, and she has country/rock songs that she wants to hear. We're both fine with this. The question is, what on earth do we play when??? Our wedding is simple and daytime - we'll need background music pre ceremony, processional, which will be short as there are no attendants, recessional/post ceremony, and reception music. There is no cocktail hour or dancing.
Any advice at all on what genre to play when would really be appreciated! I suggested we play classical for the ceremony and non classical for exception, but fiancée does not want to do that as she has some songs she wants played in or around the ceremony. Help!!!'

Re: Emergency advice!

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    Can you do a mix of both. ie. you do classical for the processional and she gets to pick a song for the recessional. Then for any other songs during or around the ceremony just pick them on a case by case basis. 

    For the reception music I wouldn't switch every other song but play a few of yours then a few of hers. If you use spotify or some similar app you could make a playlist of all your favorite songs combined and then just shuffle for the reception. FI and I have different music tastes and that's what we do for long car trips.
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