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Untraditional "Flowers"

edited October 2015 in Flowers
Alrighty this is my first post ever on here :D

I just got engaged on August 15th 2015, and we already have decided on a venue and set a date. Our wedding will be on January 8th 2017. I'm going for a rustic enchanted forest theme. Also my wedding colors are Dark Green, Ivory, Brown. I diffidently want to have some flowers incorporated in my wedding, BUT I want more lush green foliage, like below in the picture. Any comments? Do you guys know of how I could try and pull this off as a DIY? Or should I hire a florist for this even though I do not want that many flowers, and am on a budget?

Re: Untraditional "Flowers"

  • Thank you very much! This was very helpful. I have DIYed different events before, and purchased the flowers from Costco, but they do not have any of the green foliage that I want :(
  • Absolutely talk to a few different florists on the budget since what you're wanting is basically left-over from Christmas type greens with some filler flowers.  Yes, you could DIY, OTOH, you've got a million things going on that week, you don't need to be adding "make work" projects for yourself.  The ultimate question is "Time Vs. Money".  Only you can answer that.  I love arranging flowers for fun but when push comes to shove, something has to give and get delegated.  Price it out and go from there!  If you can't afford a florist to do it for you, Sam's and other online retailers will have their Christmas greens/flowers up when it's closer to your wedding so you can order what you need then.
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  • Hi Knottie, I think you can try heading to Far East Flora for ideas on the kind of greens that you can get. I think the difficulty might be in arranging all of the greens and pulling it off on a bigger scale. I agree with MesmrEwe in that there are tons of things to do leading up to the wedding so it might be a good idea to get a florist. If you want to still save costs with a florist, you can actually tell them your budget and they can work within that budget. I bought a bouquet that was quite unique (not sure if it's what you're looking for though). Posted the photo here to share!
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  • My flowers are very similar, with a bit more flowers added to the greens, and my florist kept the cost very reasonable. Obviously that is different for every person depending on your budget, but I'd definitely discuss with some florists before deciding to DIY, as others have said you might think you'll have time but a million things can change between now and 2017.
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