Give me your wedding photographer recs


We are planning our July wedding. Any rec for great photographers? 

Photos are important to us so we will spend a good chunk of our money here. 

What is the average price range for photographers that you are finding?

Thank you so much for any info.

Re: Give me your wedding photographer recs

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    My daughter used Beth Laurren Photography. We haven't gotten the wedding pictures back yet but the engagement pictures were wonderful and they loved working with her. I only met her the day of the wedding. She seemed very easy to work with. I think the package they went with was in the $3000 range but I'm not sure about that. She has a Facebook page. Good luck!
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    I went through George Street Photography and got a package for 2 photographers and 1 videographer for $3200 and because I booked that day I got the lead photographer for 10 hrs and a photo album included. I am having issues with the company getting my photos and video from them, but I loved my photographer Alain his website is he is awesome! I would totally recommend him over the company. BUT if you want a good price for everything and are okay with having to keep ontop of them I would suggest George Street and pick Alain for the lead photographer.
    Have fun planning!
  • My son and his wife used Matushek Photography.....

    Jessica and Peter are an amazing couple.  Their work is amazing.  My son "discovered" them at the beginning of their career and the price they paid reflected it.  Their prices are higher now that they have become incredibly popular.  They are worth it!

    My daughter had two photographers who probably worked close to a 10 hour day, each.  They took over 2300 photos.  Their price was approximately $3,000 if I remember correctly. 
  • Honestly I think a reasonable budget is around $3000 to $4000 for "great" and going much more than that doesn't have much of a return on investment in terms of better quality. 
    You can get packages as low as $1500 from popular companies; the photography will be adequate but not blow you away. 
    Plus, you need to look at styles. Many photographers have a soft and romantic quality to their photographs. Others have more vibrant color overall and a sharper look. I've been to a lot of weddings, especially recently; everyone used a different photographer and everyone got lovely photos. After you get your recommendations and look at the portfolios, meet with some and see who you click with (as they'll be with you all day). Scour the reviews on the Knot, Wedding Wire, and Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau before booking anyone. Have someone look over the contract before signing it- make sure you have exact delivery terms and conditions and dates.

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    Unfortunately our photographer Kristi (Markit photo) moved to another state to continue her business but may still book the Chicago area. She worked with on our photos and I would 100% recommend. We love love love our photos and always get so many compliments.

    If this is where you are allocating I personally think independent photographers are the best options as opposed to something like George Street. They do have a few good photographers but they also have some not-so-great and the service is always hit or miss when you read around it's just too risky. You can't ever get those missed photos back, you know?

    We had also decided from our budget, photos were where we'd splurge the most and it was literally the best decision we made for the day.

    I also loved Two Birds photography but they were not available for our date.

    Good luck!
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