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Getting excited yet?!

This is a vent sort of...a happy vent? I have been the exact opposite of a blushing bride throughout this entire process. I wrote a post months ago about how I wasn't loving the planning, was exhausted, etc. and so many of you said you felt the same way!

I've dealt with a ferocious MIL, fighting bridesmaids, an ever increasing budget and guest list despite our best attempts to keep the cost low, family issues, arguments over open bar (I won) and we're 16 days out and I'm finally EXCITED despite the fact that I've had more attention from the staff at the grocery line than my photographer! 16 days out and I'm finally less stressed and blissfully happy I will be marrying my FI. So thank you for all your support, your snarks and for making me feel not so alone in all this planning nonsense and if any of you are in the depths of planning and feeling insanely stressed out IT WILL GET BETTER :) Are any of you feeling excited if you're closer to your wedding day? What issues have you had throughout the planning?



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Re: Getting excited yet?!

  • OK. I'll gush. Getting married on Saturday and I feel so good. We have an AMAZING DOC. Between her and my mom I feel like I don't have to worry about anything. Got our marriage license Modnay and ready to go!
  • I am 10 days out and getting very excited! I have been trying to not let little things bother me, I am a little worried about doing my own hair and make up, but its too late to change so I am just letting it go! I have also spent more money in the last two weeks then I think ever in my life but at this point, it is what it is, this train has left the station. REALLY looking forward to Honeymoon most of all, work has been killing me and I have been eating lots of greens and cant wait to go to Florence and eat lots of pasta and wine. 

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    I'm 4 days out. I was really concerned earlier this week because somehow I managed to procrastinate and had a bunch of DIYs left to finish but I managed to wrap them up last night! (Woohoo) My list is finally starting to get shorter. 

    The most concerning this through this planning (besides a little family drama which I'm just choosing to ignore until after the wedding) has been our photographer. He is great and has great photos so we aren't concerned there but his secretary is his wife and let me say that must be her only qualification because she's been horrendous to deal with! She was supposed to call us last week and didn't so she said she'd call Monday but didn't. We called her she didn't have the paper she needed and said she'd call Tuesday night and didn't. She's supposed to call to finalize everything today at either 12 or 7 (she hasn't decided which yet...). We are 4 days out and haven't finalized times with our photographer though they've been paid in full...

    Also I'm really stressing on how we are going to fit everything in my car to take to ceremony since we are leaving for our honeymoon we need to take all of that too and it's too far to go back and get anything we forget... When checking my dress to see if it needs steamed again I realized it's gonna pretty much take up the back seat so I'm pretty nervous!

    Edited to add that I am really really really exited though! My MOH has planned an amazing bachelorette party for Saturday, I'm psyched for the rehearsal dinner on Sunday (mexican food!!) and I can't wait to marry my best friend on Monday!!!
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    Girl, I know how you feel. I am a student, I work full time, AND I'm planning a wedding. I told my fiance that I am NOT planning everything on my own. We decided to hire a partial planner. She will decorate the place while I sip my glass of champagne and get my makeup done. I'm not lifting a finger on my wedding day except to put on mascara. I should be able to enjoy myself and be happy and be pampered.
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