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International buffet on invite

If we are having an international buffet during our cocktail hour, do we need to write that in our invitation?

Re: International buffet on invite

  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
    Eighth Anniversary 10000 Comments 500 Love Its 25 Answers
    No.  You generally do not write anything regarding what type of food you will be having, unless of course you are offering entree options and you need your guests to pick which they would prefer, but that would be on your RSVP, not the invite.

    As long as you have enough food for everyone and you make sure there are options for those with food allergies/restrictions then you are good.

  • lyndausvilyndausvi Western Slope, Colorado mod
    Moderator Knottie Warrior 10000 Comments 500 Love Its

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    No.  The actual hospitality is not mentioned on invitations.

    If you need people to make pre-selections of their entrees, you would do that with RSVPs.  But since you're having a buffet, it isn't necessary.  Just clearly label ingredients of the buffet offerings, have enough for everyone, and have sufficient options for those with dietary restrictions.

  • ViczaesarViczaesar Central Coast, CA member
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    What is an international buffet?

  • Agreed w/ others, No on the invite.  You could mention it on your wedding website... I know I mentioned the type of food we were having on ours (not specifics). 

    But yes, what is an "international buffet"?  That's a pretty vague name.  
    Married 9.12.15
  • Um, no???

    This is kind of a funny question.  Typically the type of food and/or beverages to be served are not mentioned on the invitation (with the exception, as others have noted, of RSVP cards, which may include entree or other menu choices as appropriate.)  Sometimes if a full meal is not being served at an afternoon or late-night wedding, less formal invitations may include a bit more detail on the type of reception (i.e. "light refreshments to follow," "dessert reception to follow," etc.)  But those are the exception rather than the rule.

    Is there a particular reason you are asking this question?  Are you concerned that the international food maybe too spicy or exotic for your guests?  If so, the proper course of action is to include some milder options on the buffet, not to "warn" your guests about the food.  Is it that you are serving this buffet during cocktail hour in lieu of dinner?  If so, I would (1) make sure there is plenty of food on the buffet for all guests to make it a complete meal, and (2) communicate somehow during cocktail hour that what you are serving is dinner.  I would be pretty disappointed if I held off on what I thought were very heavy cocktail hour apps because I didn't want to spoil my dinner only to find out later that what I passed up WAS dinner.
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