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Who cleans up?

So I'm a little lost as to the whole clean up thing at the end of my reception.

I've hired a DOC who is responsible for getting all the decor, gifts, etc. to a family member's car at the end of the night. The caterer will take care of trash from dinner/drinks/cake and breaking down their things. The rental company will take care of packing up all the linens, tables, and chairs and getting them out. But who does the actual vacuuming/sweeping, cleaning bathrooms, etc. stuff? Do I need to hire someone for that or does the venue take care of that themselves?

Re: Who cleans up?

  • ask the venue.  Mine took care of all the clean up.   DYI places might require you to do that or have cleaning fee to take care of it for you.

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    I had a DIY venue but the waitstaff that came from the catering company did most of our cleanup.  If we didn't do it, there would have been a $175 fee (which I was planning on paying if the catering staff couldn't do it).  

    ETA:  The venue owners did take care of doing the bathrooms, and one of the owners came in and helped w/ the cleanup as well, which was nice.
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  • The venue should have staff to do it; otherwise, I'd hire a cleanup company.
  • Anyone other than your bridal party/ family/ friends.

    Either the venue, vendors, DOC or a hired company.

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  • Typically the venue probably takes care of this (either built in to your rental cost or as an additional cleaning fee). Ask them.

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