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Thankful Thursday

Good morning! It's my Friday :) 

@GoldenPenguin is going to be at my house tonight! We're going to drink wine and watch Grey's. 

Tomorrow the plan is to be lazy and watch season 1 of AHS. At some point I have to pack for the weekend and then we're heading to @lasak's new house! 

Saturday is @beanbot2002's shower and bachelorette party and I can't wait to squeeze her! It's going to be a great day and I hope that it's the best day ever for @beanbot2002 :) 

On Sunday, @GoldenPenguin and I have to get up early and head home because she has about 2389743 hours of driving ahead of her. 

I'm going to meet my mom for lunch for her birthday then head home. Grocery shopping and cleaning up the house will need to happen and then I'll watch TWD before bed. 


I'm thankful for my PTO. I get 6 weeks (vacation, sick, and personal days) and I feel very fortunate for that. 

I'm thankful for StitchFix and not having to shop for clothes in stores. I also love the surprise each month. 

I'm thankful for pumpkin coffee and apple butter. 

I'm thankful for cool weather. It felt so good sleeping in my chilly bedroom and then stepping outside this morning as I left for work. It was refreshing. 

I'm thankful for H. He makes me laugh consistently and loves me even if I have stinky toots. 

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Re: Thankful Thursday

  • Good morning!  Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead of you.  Jealous!!

    I'm thankful I only have 3 meetings to be at today, instead of 6 like yesterday.

    I'm thankful for the heavenly nectar that is coffee.

    I'm thankful that it's going to cool off tomorrow!

    I'm thankful that I am able to run a 5K this weekend and exercise.  After a bout with really bad health, I don't take it for granted that I can do these things.

    I'm thankful that H lets me buy all the tea towels, coffee cups, scarves, and books that my little heart desires and doesn't give me a hard time about it.

    I'm thankful for sweet Baxy snuggles when the alarm goes off in the morning.  He is the best little cuddler ever.
  • That sounds like fun! My friends all have kids so I feel like no one can just come over and veg out and watch trashy shows with me anymore. And I am soooo jealous of your vacation time that is really above average! I have 3 weeks. Sick days are technically not counted or kept track of but I don't like to look bad so I only use about 3 per year.

    It's basically my Friday too, as I'm working from home tomorrow to wait for the garage door installation guys. Yay to getting that done right before it gets too cold!

    Last night I met one of my oldest friends for shopping and dinner. I'm thankful that even though we've had our ups and downs over the years that we always make it through and stay close!

    I'm thankful that H's work training is ending early tonight so we can have time for snuggles- have barely seen him all week.



  • @swazzle have fun this weekend and share lots of pics!

    @cocobellaf I would be thankful for only 3 meetings too! 6 is like your whole day in meetings, I would go crazy.

    Last night I made a BA meal (broccoli, pasta and cheese casserole). There were a lot of leftovers so we'll have that for dinner tonight. H went for a walk for like an hour, then we watched TV and I fell asleep at like 8pm or so, I don't remember.

    Today is just work and then therapy. We might go get subs at an amazing sub place nearby where our therapist is, the only problem is it'll probably be busy now that school is back in session. It could be worth the wait though.


    I'm thankful for my H, family and friends who have been really supportive lately. Especially H, he's been the most supportive and I don't know what I would do without him.

    I'm thankful for my job. As much as I hate, hate, HATE my office now, I'm thankful that my boss will work with me when I have to come in late, leave early, take time off, etc. and doesn't complain or question it.

    I'm thankful for my fur babies, two out of three of them follow me around constantly. It used to annoy me, now I love it. Even when pooping, they're both there, staring at me, but whatever makes them happy.

    I'm thankful for noise-cancelling headphones at work. I can drown out the background talk that I hear 8 hours a day.

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  • I have a quiz this morning, so I need to go study the effects of inventory errors on the income statement and balance sheet. Back for better conversation when I'm done.
    I'm thankful for my H, who understands when I'm freaky because my TOTM is a week late and I'm going "oh shit, now would not be a good time to be pregnant."

    I'm thankful I'm not pregnant. It sounds horrible, but I drink like a fish and haven't been taking prenatal vitamins (we're TTA right now anyway) and H is on meds that say "don't conceive." It's just a stupid-late period.

    I'm thankful for my Ellie-cat, who provides sweet snuggles. I'm also thankful for Kadey-cat, who provides snuggles but leaves a carpet of orange fur behind.

    I'm thankful for my BFF and hope she had the happiest of birthdays yesterday!
  • labro said:

    I'm thankful for H. I'm thankful for our fairly uneventful first year of marriage. We've had a couple of minor spats and I'm thankful we can talk through our disagreements and move on quickly. I'm also thankful for our amazing sex life.

    I'm thankful for coffee.

    I'm thankful for my job. Even though I really hate it some days. It's challenging at least...and it pays well so I can pay off our debt faster.

    I'm thankful for my sister @southernpeach89. She's such a great example of a mom, and she's given me the most beautiful niece.

    I'm thankful for Callie and her goofy baby smiles. I can't wait to watch her grow and learn!

    I'm thankful for fall and cooler weather. I love to watch the leaves jeans, I love wearing jeans, and layers, and light jackets. I love not sweating every time I have to go out to the mail box. And I REALLY LOVE all the mosquitoes disappearing.

    I'm thankful for Cinders. She's such a goofball and she always makes me laugh.




  • @buddysmom80 hahah my scavenger picture is my cat watching me poop- that's hilarious!! I think all pets do that, right?!

    @labro thanks for reminding me to sign up for annual termite inspection/coverage on the new house! Have fun getting the truck, drive home safe!

    @beanbot2002 have a wonderful shower & bachelorette!

    @twodimes congrats to your friend, baby name?



  • Yesterday I worked my bum off and got my case turned in for review, and on my way home from work thought of 10,000 things I could have done to make it better. Oh well. I spent most my evening running to stores, and once I got home I did laundry and hung up some white lights around the quilt I hung behind my bed. It looks SO cozy now. Rest of the evening was spent coloring in an adult coloring book (flowers, not penises).

    Today I'm going though my huge to-do list at work to prioritize what needs done first. I'm insanely confused about one thing I need to do, but my supervisor is useless to help since he has never done one of these, and the director is too busy. So I gotta figure it out myself!

    After work I'm meeting one of my girlfriends for a drink, we haven't hung out in a while. I'm worried about her though, for the past couple years she's been on-and-off with a guy that is abusive to her mentally/emotionally and is extremely manipulative. I've tried to calmly talk to her about my concerns, told her about my own experiences with my ex, and just when I think she understands that it's NOT her fault, and it's NOT in her head, and decides to leave him "for good," they end up back together within a month or two. Rinse, repeat. I want to help her so badly, she deserves SO much better, but I have no idea what to do to get her to realize that.


    After the post-work drink there is an Art Walk event downtown, so we will probably walk around for that. BF might join us at that point.


    I'm thankful that my car was fixed and works like a charm again.

    I'm thankful I left the manipulative and emotionally/mentally abusive guy I dated a few years ago, even though everyone thought I was "crazy" and "overreacting" at the time.

    I'm thankful that I met BF exactly when I needed too. Any sooner and I might not have been ready.

    I'm thankful that my job is flexible, because I was a half hour late this morning. (oops) 


  • I'm working today & then driving to the Dirty Jerz to see my Sisserface!! I can't wait to snuggle with her animals... I mean, her... drink things, watch our favorite shows ACTUALLY TOGETHER, and probably laugh a lot. 

    I made the HC Chicken Chili Verde last night and it was DELICIOUS. I left the jalapenos out of the main pot because I hate them, but I put them in H's bowl, and he said it was awesome. I'm looking forward to the other meals we got too - Chipotle BBQ Grilled Chicken Breast & Parmesan-Crusted Sirloin. YUM.

    I'm thankful for my best friends, who make me laugh every single day, especially when I need it. Yesterday was a really tough day for me (one of my closest friends from college passed away TEN years ago yesterday) and they made me smile a million times, despite me wanting to cry all day long.

    I'm thankful for my H, who loves me all the time. He is a wonderful dad to our animals, and the best H I could have ever imagined.

    I'm thankful for my crazy creatures, who love and snuggle me constantly. I love all of their personalities, and can't imagine life without them.

    I'm thankful for StitchFix for 1. sending me awesome clothes (like the new dolman top I'm wearing today) and 2. opening my mind up to new possibilities of what I can wear. I would never have tried some of the things I've been wearing lately, and it's really because of SF that I am!

    I'm thankful for my job - I'm still learning, but I love it. I'm also thankful to my boss & co-workers for being patient and helpful while I'm getting the hang of things. 

    I'm OBVIOUSLY thankful for NEY - you ladies are the BEST. <3
    I don't believe you.

  • @minskat30 thanks! I always struggle to find a red that works with my glow in the dark skin. 
  • @speakeasy14 aren't the velvet matte pencils amazing!? Future reference, I bought the Cruella last year, and got the bday gift. They are slightly different colour. Bday version is slightly lighter. You can't tell much unless you really look, but wanted to give heads up in case you end up buying it and notice a difference :)

    So last night didn't do much. Ended up leaving class early. Idk if I'm getting sick or just not sleeping well, but I've been exhausted :(

    I've been in such a down mood lately, that I ended up printing some

    I'm thankful for

    - higher cash back rewards on my credit card :) {hello new pants!}

    - bugs disappearing!

    - red lip colour and black eyeliner

    - glasses

    - supportive family and friends when I try new endevours

    - supportive husband that tries when people are upset and he's not sure how to handle the situation {really, I'm just thankful that he tries and the effort is clearly there}

    - even though after all bills are paid, I may not have much left over but I remind myself that my bills are paid!
  • labro said:
    @TwoDimes Indy is totally side-eyeing you in that first photo. How dare you put a coffee table in her way!! And she's definitely being abducted by aliens.

    Can you also send me a shutterfly book full of Indy photos?

    This was Cinders last night. And yes, her tail is always a blur of motion in every photo I take of her.


  • @misskittydanger thanks for the heads up! I wonder if they changed the formula or something
  • @misskittydanger thanks for the heads up! I wonder if they changed the formula or something
    @speakeasy14 seems exactly the same so far! Just slight colour difference, which is just weird. Maybe the bday version will be the full version soon?
  • Awwwwwww!!!! Can we have a frog legs contest???

  • @eilis1228 BIG BIG HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3

  • @labro - Raj doesn't do the frog leg...his back hips have started to give him some issues (we actually are taking him to the vet today because of it).  BUT here is his best "where did one of my limbs go" look.  He loves this position.  


    @eilis1228 - I'm so happy for you that you are GETTING MARRIED!  I'm very sorry about your grandmother but 63 years of marriage is amazing.  What a great example to set for your marriage.  
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  • minskat30 said:
    @labro - Raj doesn't do the frog leg...his back hips have started to give him some issues (we actually are taking him to the vet today because of it).  BUT here is his best "where did one of my limbs go" look.  He loves this position.  


    @eilis1228 - I'm so happy for you that you are GETTING MARRIED!  I'm very sorry about your grandmother but 63 years of marriage is amazing.  What a great example to set for your marriage.  
    @minskat30 - Violet doesn't frogleg either, and I've actually read that NOT froglegging is an indication that they could have hip issues as they get older. Apparently froglegs shows that they have more mobile hips, which helps them as they age. Vi just turned eight, and she's already getting a little stiff going up & down the stairs. We started her on senior food, and give her joint-specific vitamins to try to help her out a little bit. 

    Also, I just want to bury my face in Raj's fur and snuggle him. <3


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  • @eilis1228 Big hugs your way! 
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