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Dude needs to change soap or something.

Dear Prudence, 
I absolutely love my boyfriend. He values relationships, practices generosity, we share jokes and laughter, and he loves me even when the going gets tough. But, I do not love it when he grows out his beard lumberjack style. It smells funny when it’s wet (and sometimes when it’s not). I don’t like how it feels when we cuddle. But he’s so proud of it that he becomes a little obsessed—Facebook pics, constant grooming, telling me this person or that person admires it, etc. I understand that it’s his face and his hair, so I try to stay away from nagging. When he grew out his beard last year, I simply asked that he keep his upper lip trimmed so I can still enjoy kissing him. Now he’s growing it out again and I’m dreading how long it might get. Any suggestions?

—Weirded Out by the Bearded Out

Re: Dude needs to change soap or something.

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    I wonder what he's doing for upkeep.  DH's beard will smell funny b/c he already has a weird smell/oil about him.  It took a few laundry soaps to figure out what would keep it away (IDK what it is; his dad smells exactly the same).  He now uses an shampoo for oily hair on his beard to break up the oils every other day and it smells just fine.

    Also, sometimes I wonder if Prudie shouldn't just respond with,"Google it."  This isn't some secret fact, it happens.
  • I just picture pieces of food stuck in it. No Bueno.
  • i'm not a fan of facial hair. 
  • I am greatful that the only thing FI can grow is a raging neckbeard, he tends to keep himself trimmed. 
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