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Chalk board tags/table cards?

I just scored these awesome chalkboard tags at Kohl's in the clearance section for only 1.96 for 10. I plan on putting my guests name, table, and maybe discreet way of what they got on one side... and on the other a cute love saying/ Blake & Lindsay's wedding and our date...  but I don't know how to efficiently display these tags at the entrance. My mom said to do a tree - but I plan on having 90-120 people so I think it may be a little hectic or cluttered... and when I looked on etsy for trees they were kinda expensive. I'm doing the shabby chic/farm house wedding (but not too crazy, going for a vintage but classic vibe). Any suggestions?

Re: Chalk board tags/table cards?

  • I've looked on Pinterest and seen escort cards hanging on clothesline, stuck into one of those old slotted window shutters, or put into a log that has cuts for the cards. It depend on how DIY/crafty you want to be. I think the log idea isn't very good because it looked like it would be hard for guests to find their name if it wasn't the first one showing. I think the window shutter idea looks cute and wouldn't take up much space.

    I would've added pictures, but I SHOULD be getting ready to go to school and instead I am on TK lol. I just googled "rustic escort cards" and a bunch of non-tree ideas came up. I love the Google machine. 

  • What about displaying them similar to this? You could tie them on to the string rather than using the clothes pin.


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  • Not sure how thick that paper is, but if it's a card stock or something relatively sturdy this may be an option for you

  • We had a similar theme and clothespinned ours to some string wrapped around an actual tree. We had about 90 people and it worked out fine. And cost pretty much nothing.

    Something along the lines of this:

    tree.jpg 309.8K
  • I had kraft paper tags.  My MOH and her husband built this to hold them, using scrap wood.  I bought the mini clothespins on Amazon for like $10.  

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