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What Kind of Pen Works Best in GuestBook

I ordered a guestbook from shutterfly and it has glossy pages. Has anyone used one of these in the past? Originally I had planned to get a few different colored sharpies for the book, but I'm not sure if marker will smear on the pages. Would a regular pen be better for this? Thanks for your help!

Re: What Kind of Pen Works Best in GuestBook

  • Sharpies work great for that.

  • If you want an actual pen and not a sharpie, I suggest Bic Pilot G-2 pens. I prefer the 07 ones because they write a little thicker than ballpoints.

    I know it sounds so nerdy, but they're the only ones I use: for school, for work, for letters, etc.  They're like gel pens that last forever and write really smoothly even on heavier and rougher paper. I use a heavy Papyrus stationary for letter writing, and they're the ONLY ones I've found that are comfortable on it.

    Fair warning: people will steal them. Have a few there, just in case. My FI is always stealing mine.
  • Thank you! I made sure I got about 10 different ones this weekend in the event a couple get swiped!
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