Wedding Woes

It's Monday!

Yes I'm happy.  They started framing!!! 

Weekend was also good- Friday we went to the hockey game.  My brother happened to be in town and showed up.  DH's grandma saw the pic and said "like father like daughter!"  I'm still laughing. 

Saturday we froze our asses off watching soccer games.  It was a pj party and movie sort of night.

Sunday we went to the pumpkin patch and bought the first piece of furniture for our addition.  A seriously comfortable, questionable attractive leather recliner. 

6let is sick today.  Pedi is open in 7 minutes so I'm hoping to get an early appointment and the go ahead to send him to school.


Re: It's Monday!

  • I'm on staycation!  YAY!  :)

    I worked Saturday and then went to dinner at my parent's house. DH and the kiddo went to visit BIL in Cincy. 

    Sunday, DefConn and I headed to my sister's.  I made dinner for everyone.  I got to love on my new nephew a lot.  He's so teeny, just barely 7lbs.   It makes me miss the snuggle days with a newborn.  

    We came home last night and watched the Colts start great and the fizzle out against the Pats. Le sigh.  

    I need to figure out what I'm going to clean out and organize today. 
  • Oh shit it's Monday.  Our foundation is 2' short.  bleepity bleep not sure what we're going to do.
  • Yay for staycations!

    Yay for framing - but Holy Shit, 2 FEET short?  Yikes

    I had a very low key weekend.  I didn't feel well Friday night and Saturday.  Some kind of mild bug but all I wanted to do was lay in the recliner.  Felt better on Sunday but DH had it then.  I went to my Mom's to help with a few things and then went to the grocery store.  This is a short work week for me as my mom and I are going to visit my sister in Nebraska for a long weekend (Friday-Monday).  Sunday we will do the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk.  My mom is a survivor so it'll be cool to walk with her. 
  • My weekend was quiet. Mom, FI and I did the Breast Cancer walk. 2.56 miles in 45 minutes. My shins still hurt. This was Mom's first walk as a survivor.

    FI and I just laid around all weekend after that. We have a crazy monsoon on Friday night, not much damage though. Had some more rain on Saturday afternoon and an awesome lightshow last night. 

    I've got a week full of meetings. I hate meetings. I don't want to go :(

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  • We came home last night and watched the Colts start great and the fizzle out against the Pats. Le sigh.  

    But Go Panthers!  We had given up and put on It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, and then later one of my friends posted on FB that they'd won.  5-0, baby.

    So that was the end cap to an excellent weekend.  I decided the original Saturday plan was too aggressive so I bumped the pumpkin farm from Sat. to Sun.  Then we took Wooz to riding and her instructor said "Don't forget, tomorrow is make-up day!" (For the day it rained buckets and pretty much all of SC flooded.)  I had forgotten.  Completely.  So that caused us to shift yesterday's schedule, but it all worked out.  Wooz graduated her level in swim.  Yesterday was a perfect day for the pumpkin farm--cool, but beautiful.  Kids had an awesome time.  Wooz found the perfect pumpkin for our Jack Skellington and was ultra-serious about "guarding" it 'til DH hauled it to the car.  We fed the goats, and DS panicked and threw a handful of corn right at one of them.  It didn't seem to mind.

    I'm OOT Wed./Thurs. and trying to get everything together at home. 
  • Morning. This weekend was so nice. We drove up north a hour where it was a teeny bit cooler (cool enough for me to try to justify fall clothes) to a pumpkin patch. DH and I agreed it was a better choice than the ones in town as our admission included picking our own pumpkin, so long as it was under 8 lbs. We did get a later start than planned though so we had to cut it a bit short as DD was melting down. Stopped for a picnic lunch on the way home, then relaxed the rest of the day.

    Sunday was cleaning day, but we finally managed to get all the remaining boxes, except one, unpacked. The last box is a box of toys that I am dreading going through because we seriously need to purge toys but DH and DS insist in saving everything.

    DS is back to school after fall break, hallelujah! He's a good kid but the lack of constant social interaction was hard for him. Naturally, he felt that it was best to come sit in my office and talk to me all day. DD was being cute this morning- DS put his backpack on and she had to have one so she grabbed a Spiderman backpack and stuffed some things in it to carry around.
  • @6fsn - I actually thought that was your dad, too. (but you are the youngest by a good bit, right?)

    our weekend was fairly busy, especially Sunday. We went to a local farm and spent about 5 hours there - it was packed, but I guess that was to be expected given the low 80s/sunny weather. I get a kick out of all of the "fall" pictures online when the ones of our kid have her in a tank top and shorts. I have season passes (I won them in a photo contest last year) so we'll probably go back Halloween weekend to get another use out of them. Hopefully it won't be as busy that weekend. 

  • @*Barbie* I'm 40 and my brother is 47.  My dad is 71.

  • @6fsn - he looks good for 71 ;-)
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