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Rehearsal Dinner Venue

I am looking for a rehearsal dinner venue close to East Grand Rapids (where the church is) or downtown (where the hotel is). We would like something affordable and not too fancy. We narrowed it down to Gardellas, Derby Station, or Uccellos on the beltline. I have heard great reviews of Gardellas but I'm a little worried about parking because it will be during art prize. I like Derby a Station and Uccellos but I don't know much about their event process and have heard mixed reviews. Does anyone have any insight on these places? Or have any other ideas for venues? I would love to do founders but they only have beer and some people in our wedding party don't like beer :( thanks in advance for the help!

Re: Rehearsal Dinner Venue

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    Have you looked at Jose Babushkas in gaslight village by reeds lake? They have excellent food and a relaxed atmosphere (I went there for part of my bachelorette), and there's parking over by derby station that's easily walkable. I'd avoid gardellas if possible because that area is crazy during artprize and parking will be terrible, or very expensive.
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