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September vs. October Wedding

Help! We are stuck between our wedding date for next year, September 24 or October 15. This would be on the East Coast of Florida (Sebastian). Most have said we have better weather chances in October. Just want to get your thoughts and experience, thank you.

Re: September vs. October Wedding

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    If you want advice from locals, let me know and I can move this post to a Florida local board. However, you really cannot base your decision on the weather during that time of year, as it's hurricane season. Actually, you cannot base anything on weather EVER!! LOL It could be beautiful or it could be a total nightmare. Base your date on what works best for you and your VIP guests.


  • Sure go ahead and move this to a FL board
  • With the temps the way they have been, September may be hotter than October. October is also heading more towards the end of hurricane season, but really you never know what will happen at the end of the year. Certain lines of business does not allow people to request time off during October, November and December due to the holiday rush. Ask the guests you want at your wedding no matter what if they have those issues. I'd personally lean more toward October. You don't have to worry about "fall colors" as a must since Florida doesn't really have fall as a season option. lol.

    Did you pick a date yet? Happy Wedding Planning!
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