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Venue with Glass elevator introduction in NY/NJ/CT?


Re: Venue with Glass elevator introduction in NY/NJ/CT?

  • So here's the thing: you did get answers, you just didn't like them. You were given 4+ alternate locations to call and advice that it's better to book a venue you've attended before than ask your guests to drive far away just for a 60 second entrance. Just because you didn't like them, doesn't meant you didn't receive good answers.

    And just because you didn't like your responses doesn't mean you should criticize the strangers who took time to answer you. Do you accuse your doctor of not being smart when she/he tells you you're sick? When your boss offers constructive criticism do you tell him/her that they should focus on their own work more than yours?

  • If having this elevator and a venue no one else in your circle is so important to you that all other decisions about your wedding must take the back seat to it because of your stated desire to be a bridezilla, then you're painting yourself into a corner if you're not willing to consider any of the options suggested (and there were some).

    Can't help you, sorry.
  • I am getting married at the exact same church and venue as my sister did 3 years ago...60% of our guest list is the same. We also are using the same band. I think she had steak on her menu too. I guess I have to cancel everything because it won't be UNIQUE.
  • I watched the video.

    It makes me think of cage-dancers in nightclubs of questionable repute. 

    That's the last of my snark though because I have one more, perhaps constructive idea for you. Try theaters or other types of performance venues. Theaters have things that move like this for actual productions, and that would surely be different from the regular banquet halls you've been in for other weddings. 

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    adk19 said:
    If you don't want to get married at places that other people have gotten married at before AND you want the cheesy floor elevator entrance, I suggest you hire a team of architects, engineers, and contractors and build your own venue.

    OR you could pick one of the venues from your original post.

    Or try calling around casinos in Atlantic City or Las Vegas. This seems like something they would have.
    There's a spy-themed bar in Milwaukee that has this.  But it's not glass.  Though it does come out of the floor.

    Great. Now I have to change my venue. This is amazing.
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