Special Event Insurance??

Hey all!!

I just booked WQED's Studio on Fifth for my wedding, and they say I need to secure special event insurance for the 72 hour period surrounding my wedding. 

I didn't even know this was a thing...does anybody have experience getting this, or any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!!

Re: Special Event Insurance??

  • I've heard of venues requiring this, but I do not have recommendations.  You may be able to ask the venue who has done policies for other events there.  They would have to know because they would have seen proof of insurance.  

    It also doesn't hurt to contact your current insurance provider to see if they have recommendations, or if they can cover you.

    Are you required to have security there as well?
  • Thanks for your response!

    So unfortunately WQED just went through layoffs, and the lady who used to coordinate weddings is no longer there and the new contact doesn't know who other weddings used for insurance. I suppose since I have a year until the wedding, I can always check back in with her to see what some of the current weddings end up doing. :)

    We are required to have a uniformed police officer (arranged by WQED, payed for by me), which is actually really annoying to me. I don't mind having security at all, but a uniformed officer just sounds intrusive. My out-of-town guests are going to think it's because it's a bad neighborhood or something! It's the only thing I'm really annoyed about. I'm told they will stay out in the lobby/entrance area, so I guess it'll be ok...
  • If it's out in the lobby entrance, I don't think your guests will second guess it. After all, there are a lot of expensive pieces of equipment there.

    It's not too terribly uncommon to have security at a wedding. One of my colleagues had two officers at her wedding at Phipps. There ended up being an incident between a drunk bridesmaid and the groom's mom. Because of the incident, they contacted their wedding insurance provider, and the officers ended up being included in the coverage. She ended up being reimbursed for the cost of security. Not that I am advocating some terrible incident occurring, but insurances can include the security in the coverage.
  • I was just married in Oakland and our venue also required the uniformed police officer. You'll most likely be required to pay their hourly rate (which right now is $50 an hour). I think that is the norm for a lot of places if you are getting married inside the city. Don't think too much about it, other than when I entered the building, I never saw this person again for the entire evening and I don't think anyone even noticed the officer there. They remained upstairs near the entry and never came into our actual reception. It actually put me at ease that they were on the look out for anyone who seemed like they didn't belong (we didn't have a problem, but we were married on Halloween, so we were skeptical of crashers).
  • Hi there!  My reception was at J Verno Studios and both a uniformed officer and insurance were required.  I just searched online and found a few options.  I paid for a special event policy with Travelers insurance and it cost me $375 for the 24 hour period that was required.  
  • Thanks so much for your reply! I was hoping it would be a bit cheaper than that, but I guess it's just a drop in the bucket considering how much the whole thing costs!!
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