Wedding Woes

Good Morning.

How is everyone today?

I'm trying to get my mojo going.


Re: Good Morning.

  • Good morning.

    It is a brisk 68 degrees here this morning, but warming up quickly. I've started on my 6 shot non-fat vanilla latte. I'm ready for the day.. well kinda.

    FI has been cleared to come back to work, yay!! He hasn't been to work since mid August and spent 3 weeks of September in the hospital. Thankfully he was receiving short term disability, so we didn't miss any paychecks. Things are starting to look up again.

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  • Morning. I am exhausted- I got up at 3 am for a teleconference with some people in India (blargh) and then went back to sleep only to be woken again by a huge thunderstorm. Not helping the situation is that it is one of those perfect rainy days and I just want to cuddle in bed. I am thinking of leaving work a bit early, especially as DS has soccer practice and I'd rather not try to lug my computer with me and try to work. DH has an interview tomorrow for a job that would be a nice promotion (including raise and benefits) so he's spending the day beefing up on things and will be home late. He works late on Monday and I selfishly am annoyed because two nights in a row of no help with the kids after 5 pm is hard.
  • Hi.  I've cleaned my office and started dinner for tonight.  Yesterday, we built shelves for one closet and we can actually store stuff in it now in an organized fashion. 

    DH is working on our large storage room behind our fireplace.  We're going to put up a rack to store off season clothes.  After that room is done, we can work on our bedroom closets. 

    My goal is to have everything done by Thursday so we can just relax on Friday.  This staycation has been a winning one so far. 
  • PMeg819 said:
    He works late on Monday and I selfishly am annoyed because two nights in a row of no help with the kids after 5 pm is hard.
    I'm flying out early tomorrow on an overnight trip, and Mr. Heff is already making that point.  ^^^

    He was having a rough morning:  existential crisis ("I feel like I'm always rushing around, but what's the point of it all?"), plus he decided to wash his dress shirts at home rather than sending them out and he washed them with a ballpoint pen.  :O  I told him rubbing alcohol, but he was still in the venting phase, not the problem solving phase.  He said some NSFW words, and DS said "Not nice, Daddy!" 
  • DH and I had a major throw down.  He has made me really angry and even after an apology (that I think is genuine), I am not ready to let it go.  So, I'm basically not speaking to him, for everyone's sake.

    I am just tired, feeling unappreciated at home and work.  Also, my allergies are nuts and my contacts keep getting cloudy, leaving me unable to see well.    It's basically blah over here in Varuna's world.
  • I'm running a telecon/training for part of our Asia team, tonight, so I'm leaving the office (early) after my last in-person meeting. I also have to make some desserts for the GLAD group and clean up our folding tables and chairs - we're participating in a United Way fundraiser at the office, tomorrow. I normally don't get too involved in our ridiculous UW campaign, but this is one of the better events. 

    I'm thinking brownies and rice krispie treats because they are easy, and should hold up pretty well outdoors for a few hours. 
    I feel tired for some reason. I'm going to be happy when this week is over. 
  • I'm getting ready to take DD2 to preschool and then heading to new client's house to finish payroll (the bank set me up with minimal access, so I have to to the bank side of things there until they get it resolved.)

    Tonight we are having nachos and then watching the Cubs game.

    DH and I bought DD1 a kindle last night.  It will be from Santa.  We were pleasantly surprised that the $50 version will do the things we want it to do since we were expecting to get the $100 version.  It's just smaller in size and storage, but that's not an issue for a 6yo.  So, score!
  • DH and I looked at a couch on-line.  He saw the price.  I went to check it out today and he pulls "how much is it?  That's too much!"  I don't disagree, but I wish he had said it before I drug Max to the store.

    M2 was up 3 times last night. I've basically been up since 3 am

    Target has $10 off $50 on toys right now so I might have gone a little nuts on Shopkins.  I don't WANT to do it, but the little girl next door is really into them. I bought some for her bday Saturday and some for M2.  I also got the boys pokemon cards.  Christmas is almost done for the kids.

  • Random: The school just sent an online permission slip.  I HOPE all permission slips are like this!!
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