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Forgive me if this has been shared but I'm going to leave this lovely piece of literature here..


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    Cringing at the "homespun vows" part, but at least it sounds like they didn't lie to anyone about already being married. 

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    I work in weddings and at my last venue we had so many brides emailing for enquires without using the 'Wedding' word, it was so obvious! I mean really, who has a 'family gathering' where they treat 100 people to a meal, bar and dancing? Well not round here anyway.

    They thought they were being smart but we still sent them the standard pricing of £9,000 F&B minimum for exclusive use of the venue. Regardless of the type of event.

    I see this tactic reccomened a lot and it really doesn't endure you to your vendors. Seriously.
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    This honestly just sounds like a unique situation at that particular venue. Because the bulk of her savings were by DIYing food and booze (duh). Usually venues either allow DIY or not...the word "wedding" aside.

    Living "with her British rocker husband in NOLA"... Eye roll.

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    "we wanted a dinner and a chance to exchange some homespun vows in front of loved ones."


    "All told, our private party will cost $4,350" Our reception cost less.. it included everything, place was owned by a caterer so the food, plates, linens, and beer and wine (we even got left over bottle premium beer from the previous wedding) was included.. With the cake, and the DJ, this is still only $300 off my price...

    Sounds like another lame excuse to "we wanted a PPD but needed a better excuse than "well, I just want my real dream wedding I didn't get"

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    I think this is the case for hotels & more traditional venues.  

    When you think outside the box, you are less inclined to get the wedding mark up.


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    Candle package? Sorry but couldn't you buy your own candles? We did and ended up gifting to a bunch of people {many asked for them, rest we offered}

    I think they should have priced around before doing this. As some PP have said, they could have looked outside the box.
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    Places I've worked have the same prices regardless if it's a wedding or not.  That said, through the power of negotiation some meeting planners were able to get lower prices on events. 

     Let's face it, if you are bringing in a group of 100 people for 3 days where they are going to be eating 3 meals a day you are going to be able to get a bigger discount.

    Or if you are a local business who hosts events every year you will have more negotiation power then a one and done event like a wedding.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
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    They spent $400 on food for 100 people? I am sure they voluntold their family and friends to make it too. . .
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    I have thrown quite a few corporate holiday parties at a variety of places.  Unless there were "secret" wedding packages different from their event brochure/website information, event prices were just event prices regardless of the type of event.

    Ironically, this has all been in NOLA...the same city she and her "rocker husband" are living (though perhaps they didn't get married here).

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