Wedding Woes

i totally called this:

when the story about Lamar came out, I told DK that there was going to be some big reunification with Khloe. (I don't follow the Kardashians at all, I just knew they were getting divorced.)

DK knows me so well - I told him that I had called it on them getting back together, and this was his reply:
DK:"good for khloe and lamar....only took him OD-ing on viagra, cocaine and hookers for her to want him back. call me crazy but if i was found in that condition under those circumstances...i would probably wake up to divorce papers stapled to my hospital gown"
Me: "if not your nut sack"

Re: i totally called this:

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    I give her props for being a loyal soon-to-be ex wife, and dropping everything to be by his side. How many women would do that with everything he has put her through?

    However, he has been given a major blessing and I hope he has a wonderful testimony about how he changes his life. He still needs to address his addiction and depression. Let's hope he can accept the second chance that God has given him. I'm hoping he does.

  • I'm on Bar's page, but happy to be reminded of NOLA's generosity of spirit.
  • Don't get me wrong? This doesn't mean they shouldn't get divorced. It just means that I have seen couples come back from horrible places in their marriages, but it takes both people making the decision to surrender everything to God and start fresh.

    I don't know these people, so I don't know if that's something they both are going to do.

  • NOLA - you're a much nicer person than me. :-)
  • Y'all, I have my mean moments too. Like this morning in the car.:)
  • I'm on team NOLA here.  Also, Khloe (according to the gossip sites and KUWTK blurbs I read) did not want to divorce him and was dragging her feet with the process in hopes that he would hit rock bottom and figure his life out and she could be a part of it. 

    So, yeah.  Love is a hell of a drug as well.  ;) 
  • I'm with Nola too.  I really think she loved him, and if he beats these demons and really changes his life then I hope they make it.  It can happen, but if it doesn't she needs to walk away.  
  • it just screams publicity stunt to me. (not his OD, but the whole reconciliation.)
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