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Table Number Help!

I am doing Centerpieces similar to the picture below, but I cannot figure out what the best way to do a table number or some sort of table distinction would be. I've originally thought not to do table assignments since it would eliminate the need for numbers etc. but since our dinner is plated it is required by the venue to know how many of each option are needed at each table.

Does anyone have an idea on what might be best to do for table distinction?


Re: Table Number Help!

  • Those are gorgeous. What about a small frame near the base with the number in it?
  • kimmiinthemittenkimmiinthemitten Detroit, MI member
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    Something like this in silver would work too!

  • Make place cards, but don't assign tables/seating.  That way you can designate the choice on the place cards for the individual but not the table they're going to sit...  Much less stress/work and ultimately people tend to be happier..
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  • I have to give the venue a count of how many of each menu option are needed for the tables.

    I didn't want to do table assignments but since the venue needs to know how many beef and chicken entrees they need per table I have to assign tables. Guests will be able to choose their specific seats at the table but they will be assigned specific tables to sit at.

  • Maybe have a small frame instead of one of the votives? I'd use numbers instead of other categories (i.e. street names, cities, etc) if you want to make them less noticeable or the subject of conversation.
  • I have been to a wedding where instead of numbers each table was a place that had personal attachment to the couple (example is he proposed in Paris, so one table was named Paris) It was incredibly creative and fun. On each card there was a short description explaining why that place was special. Many people went table to table just reading the cards!

    We are using bands written on old records since we are having a very vintage rock feel to our wedding. The centerpieces will be sitting right in the middle of the record and the writing will be in silver on the actual black part of the record.

    That obviously won't work for you. But my main point is just to do something that people will remember...nobody is going to remember they are at table 15....but they WILL remember they are sitting in Texas, or at Johnny Cash :)

  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs member
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    You can add a simple picture holder that includes a cardstock table number....

    There are many ways to incorporate table numbers directly onto votives.....

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    I disagree with PP about not assigning tables (for some reason it didn't quote).  I've been to weddings where tables were not assigned and it was a mess.  It's much less stress on your guests if you assign them tables.
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