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AW : My Bachelorette Party!

So….my bachelorette got off to a rocky start. One of my BMs had accidentally let it slip that we were doing something Friday night and then a few days later another guest let it slip that we were having brunch on Sunday, when both of these were supposed to be surprises to me. So I was a little bummed because I like being surprised, but I quickly got over it.

Friday night I went for a run after work and when I got home one of my BMs called and told me to go downstairs. I was still in my running clothes so she said I should bring a bag with PJs and comfy clothes. I was brought to my MOHs BFs apartment for a sleepover with my 4 oldest friends. We had wine, ordered Chinese, and watched half of Titanic and half of Magic Mike. Unfortunately, later that night I felt a cold coming on. It was a bummer but didn’t impact the weekend too much!

Saturday morning my MOH and I went to pick up my other 2 BMs from the airport while the 2 other girls from the sleepover went home to get ready for phase 2. We went to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, where I was chatting with a friendly man who mentioned he is a florist in the area. That was perfect, since the florist is the last vendor I need to book. WOO! After breakfast we went to a cake tasting. I found some flavors I loved and a design I liked, but FI and I still need to sit down and make a decision together.

After cake tasting my 2 BMs and my MOH came back to my apartment to pack for the night. I had rented 2 dresses from Rent the Runway, but didn’t love either of them. Luckily I had ordered another dress as a backup, which I ended up loving. Once we were packed, we met my 4th BM and her sister (the girls from the Friday night sleepover) for mani/pedis and wine. It was glorious!!

Later we made our way over to the hotel. When we checked in I was surprised with an Edible Arrangement basket with a note from one of my friends who lives in San Diego saying she was sorry she missed the party but sent treats for us to enjoy. I was so touched! I never in a million years expected her to fly from San Diego to Boston for my party, so it was completely understandable that she couldn’t make it, but it was so sweet that she sent a gift in her place! I immediately texted her to say thanks! We had some downtime before dinner, which was perfect. My MOH has a tendency to book events back to back to back and it can be exhausting, but she did a perfect job of balancing events with free time! We spent a few hours drinking MORE wine, listening to boy bands, and having general girl talk. It was SO AMAZING to have all my favorite people in 1 room. We all clicked so well, you’d never know that 2 of the girls hadn’t met the other 3 until a few hours before. Then we got ready for dinner and we looked smokin’! I wore a white dress with tons of cleavage and they all wore black dresses. I also wore my hair extensions for the first time and LOVED IT. My only regret from the weekend was that we only took 1 group picture and it was when we were all seated at dinner! BOO!!

Anyways, we had dinner at a yummy Italian restaurant and I ate ALL THE THINGS!! I also drank all the things. Everyone got along and had a great time and I was so happy! At the end of dinner the waiters same me happy birthday....I think they were confused what we were celebrating. I was too drunk to care (or remember, actually).

After dinner we went across town for a drag show. They lost our reservation, which meant we didn’t have seats for the show but it wasn’t a big deal. My s hoes were actually super comfy. The queens were awesome and it was fun to just be crazy and silly in that atmosphere. If you haven't been to a drag show, I highly recommend it.

After the show we were headed for another bar but for once in my life my brain told me that maybe I should stop drinking before I became too much of a hot mess, so we got late night pizza instead and I passed out at 1. I did wake up once in the night to throw up a little, but nothing too bad.

The next morning was a different story. I was SO HUNGOVER. Like….one of the worst hangovers of my life. I think because I drank so much wine. I was HURTING. I took a picture of myself so I could remember how rough I looked that morning. Let’s just say, it was a dramatic transformation from the night before.

We had a reservation for brunch at 10 and as we walked over I was basically hating life. Once we got to brunch I went to the bathroom and threw up again and then I was magically healed! Brunch was awesome, after that. I was craving really cold things, so I drank 2 glasses of milk and a big bowl of yogurt (very random for me). I wanted to drink but I just couldn’t.

The official bachelorette party was over after that, but my 2 BMs that flew up from NC were staying through Monday night so the 3 of us went back to my apartment where we lounged in PJs all day  watching E!, ordering delivery from Wahlburgers, and napping. When FI got home from work the 4 of us went to a bar to watch the Pats game and eat more delicious food (buffalo chicken dip….heaven!).

Monday we spent the day touring Boston and day drinking before eating an early dinner of Italian (again….I love pasta). Then I brought them to the airport and cried because I was SO SAD the weekend was over.

It was seriously the most amazing weekend and I am still super bummed it’s over. My MOH did an amazing job planning and I am SO thankful to all the girls for coming out for it! I want to do it again!! Here are the only 2 pictures I have from the whole weekend! All of us at dinner and then the emcee of the drag show enjoying my cleavage.Oh and also a picture of me modeling the dress I ended up wearing (this is before I did my hair or makeup, or added my sash and bachelorette necklace!).

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Re: AW : My Bachelorette Party!

  • Glad you had so much fun and I love your dress!
  • Damn girl! You look SMOKIN! Your bachelorette weekend sounds absolutely perfect! So glad you had such a great time! 

  • That dress looks sooooo good on you!! That is so sweet of her to send the edible arrangement. Did you go to Jaques for the drag show? I've been there for a bach party and it's the best!!

    And omg I've been DYING to go to Wahlburgers (but it's almost 2 hours from me) so I'm really jealous that you got delivery from them! Sounds like a fantastic weekend, glad your friends got along so well!



  • Um, YES. That dress looks:


    That sounds like an incredible weekend and I'm glad you had a blast. Hopefully that florist will work out!

  • You look amazing! So glad you had a fun weekend!
  • You looked HOT lady! Sounds like so much fun too!
  • You looked amazing! Sounds like a really great weekend! We only took 1 picture at my bach too and I have no idea who has it. Everyone who came gave me a really cute frame with all their lipstick prints and I have no picture to put in it!
    So glad you had a great time and ate all the food. Yum!


  • Holy shit, girl. That dress! image

    It sounds like you had the perfect weekend! I'm so glad you had a great time! 

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  • That dress! Amazing! I'm so glad that you had a fun weekend!

  • Thanks so much everyone!!!
  • I'm late but you look HAWT in that dress!! I'm glad to hear you had a great time!
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