Do NOT use Salon Rootz (Medina) for your wedding!

I was recently a bridesmaid in a wedding that had Salon Rootz do hair and makeup on location for 6 women in the bridal party. It was an absolutely HORRIBLE experience and I feel it's my duty to warn Ohio brides against using this salon for their wedding beauty services for the following reasons:

1. They charged an ASTRONOMICAL travel fee. The destination was ~45 minutes from the salon, but the fee truly ended up costing about as much as the actual hair and makeup services for all 6 women. I truly do not understand why the bride agreed to use them knowing this.

2. They required FULL PAYMENT, including gratuity, a few days prior to the wedding day. After experiencing the awful service now I know why because there is absolutely no way I would have paid full price after the way they made me look.

3. They arrived 20 minutes late and had to make a trip to the car after about an hour because they had forgotten supplies in the car.

4. They severely underestimated the amount of time it would take. They assured the bride 3 "professional stylists" would complete hair and makeup for 6 women within 3 hours. We just barely finished in 5 hours. I say just barely because myself, the bride, and another woman did our own lipstick because they were running out of time. One of the hair stylists started doing makeup because of how slow the makeup artist was going.

5. They didn't bring any mirrors and did not ask about the layout of the room prior to arriving. This ended up being a complete disaster because no one saw their hair or makeup in-progress and. 

6. The "makeup artist" was AWFUL! I am willing to bet she has absolutely no professional training and doesn't even seem to be the type of person interested in makeup period (barely had any on her face, her own eyelashes were clumpy and straight). She is listed on the salon's website as a hair stylist. I asked for a subtle smokey eye and she literally just smudged black eyeshadow all over my eyelid. She actually asked me if she should use foundation (WHY THE HECK AM I PAYING YOU $50 IF YOU AREN'T GOING TO USE FOUNDATION!?). She used no primer on anyone's face or eyelids so there was absolutely no staying power.

7. The makeup quality was terrible as well. It was primarily some brand I'm never heard of that I'm sure has some sort of contract with the salon. They supplemented this with an even crappier Avon eye shadow palette I'm pretty sure I had given to me as a stocking stuffer in middle school. 

8. The hair. Oh my god. These girls have NO BUSINESS doing updos. I asked for a relatively simply half-up style with loose curls and provided a picture. I ended up with a frizzy mess which included tightly wound Shirley Temple ringlets because "they will fall". THEY DIDN'T USE HAIRSPRAY ONCE! My hair is thick and wavy and it holds a curl very well but she didn't bother to ask me about the hair I've been dealing with for almost 3 decades. 

9. I was not the only one disappointed. The maid of honor was actually crying because they gave her tight curls as well and everyone agreed she looked like a 16-year old ready for junior prom. The MOH, MOB, and another BM all had to have their hair redone. MOB and MOH also requested had to have their makeup re-done. This probably would have been avoided if they had brought mirrors with them so everyone could see the mess they were creating on their heads before finishing.

10. While the bride miraculously ended up looking pretty perfect (thanks to her previous trials), it caused a LOT of stress and tension on the morning of the wedding. I spent an hour in the lobby bathroom completely re-doing my hair and makeup. Since the MOB and MOH were having meltdowns over their look, the stylists didn't have time to "fix" me. I would have taken a shower to start over completely if time would have allowed, it was THAT bad.

I don't know what the in-salon services are like, but from what I experienced I don't think the 3 women from Salon Rootz (I think one was actually the co-owner) have any business doing hair or makeup period, let alone for bridal parties. AVOID AVOID AVOID.

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