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Boudoir photos for FIance gift??

Has anyone done this? Tips for doing it? What things should I be asked photographer if I decide to do this? Any reactions from husbands??

Re: Boudoir photos for FIance gift??

  • I did this for FI and they came out AWESOME. I'm so excited to give to him in 12 days!! I will certainly try to report back on his reaction, though TBH I am imaging he's going to freak out.

    FSIL recommended the photographer, she worked with her for a boudoir before her own wedding last year. I'm sure you can find great reviews for local photographers online, and also ask if any of your friends know anyone - I think for something like this, comfort is the most important part.

    If you find someone you like, look at their portfolio, similarly to a wedding photog see if you like their style (are they editorial?). Ask about outfit changes and printing options, as well as ownership of photos, if it's not in their package descriptions.

    Once I had put down my deposit, my photog asked for a recent picture of me just to get an idea of my look and style, and sent me some suggestions for outfits and she created a Pinterest board for me to look at based on what her ideas were. I loved that because I could get a feel of what I was in for before the day.

    She played some music and while the contract had 2 hours, I was with her for more than 4. So also talk about timing.

    I had a BLAST and would fully recommend it to anyone. Just for yourself! It was so much fun and I felt beautiful and sexy the whole time. And the photos, seriously, I've never looked better.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks so much!! I really am considering this, sounds like you had a great experience. SURELY let me know what your fiancé thinks!! Thanks!
  • My MOH and 3 other friends did this for their own weddings last year, and i'm planning on it this year as well. 

    Here is what we've kinda learned.

    • Get your hair and makeup done by someone you've seen before. Don't go to someone new for the first time right before your photos.
    • Make sure you leave proper amount of time between your grooming appointments and your photos. Nobody wants redness from waxing on your face or body.
    • Having some ideas for a theme or set of photos will help. My friend is married to a semi pro golfer, and she brought a couple clubs and and used them as props. Those photos turned out really well. Another friend made up 12 sexy sporty outfits and used them to make her fiance his own "Sports illustrated Wife edition" calendar.  She found that that having props and a certain look made it less awkward to pose.
      • Costume changes take time - so be mindful that most photographers charge per hour
    • If you are going for lingerie in your shots, make sure it's stuff that fits well, has the coverage you are comfortable with, and is new looking.
    • Practice faces in the mirror, it's hard to make a sexy pout look sexy if you haven't practiced...sounds silly but muscle memory will help
    • Understand the pricing structure of the Photographer. 
      • My one friend paid over a $1000 for her shoot and she thought it included some files or did not, and she ended up having to buy her files one by one.  
      • So make sure you know how many prints/files you are getting. 
      • If you have rights to your own pictures. 
      • That the photographer cannot use them in a public portfolio 
      • How many they will advance edit.
    • Choose a female photographer if you are more shy. 
    • Get the highest heel that you can walk in...your legs will look super long and gorgeous.
    • Look through portfolios to make sure you know their style
    • Set your expectations at a reasonable level. You will look hot, super hot and your fiance will love these...but you will not suddenly turn into Giselle.
    • Have Fun. The awkward will show in the photos through your expression and body posture.
  • IME some of PPs points are untrue (but could absolutely be a location thing, so I still suggest listening to her suggestions when it comes to research!)

    - My makeup was included w/ my photographers price. Even for packages that did not include it, she offered it for an additional charge. I would recommend doing this, as PP points out, you don't want to have to stress about timing before the shoot. I did go get my hair done by my normal girl, but I needed a haircut anyway. I would've done it myself if I couldn't have scheduled it.
    - I don't personally like props, and neither did my photographer. For my FI it's more about me, not what I'm holding.
    - FUCK GISELLE. You're hotter than her.
  • Thanks ladies! I am allowed to do 3 costume changes, and doesn't include prints or rights. BUt the actual shoot is in included in my wedding package. So will just to pay for rights/prints extra.

    I've been looking at costume ideas- one that I love is the all white lingerie with the veil...

    Another idea I had- is red stuff- with Ohio State flare- he is a HUGE Ohio State fan.

    Still thinking on a third idea, maybe something more natural- sexy bedtime or something like that.

    Any other suggestions for costumes?

  • I also did 1 white outfit, felt pretty fitting for the occasion. You know your body the best so what types of lingerie do you usually feel most comfortable in? For me, I think babydoll tops are unflattering, and I knew if I wore one I would be thinking about it the whole time. So just things like that are good to think of.

    I found some really good pieces at Victoria's Secret, and not too pricey either! Lord and Taylor also has some cute stuff, I found some white pieces for my honeymoon there and I love them. Good sleep-ish lingerie rather than the hot and heavy VS stuff.

    Adore Me is a subscription kind of service for lingerie but I think you can turn it off, and they have sets at discounts. Very cute stuff. This was out of my budget but Agent Provacateur is GORGEOUS in my opinion. Very $$$ though.

    Also ask your photographer if she has any suggestions based on your look/the feel she and you want to achieve during the shoot. She's an expert!

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