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  • I'm not doing the Secret Santa because I'll be traveling almost constantly from November 23-January 2, but I like questions!  (And I wish I could do Secret Santa, but when one's mail is being held for a month...)

    What are your hobbies?

    Hanging out on the couch with my Smudge, Netflix bingeing on TV shows, cooking, yoga.  I also really love traveling and will plan trips down to the last detail, then abandon those plans and just do whatever I feel like.

    Favorite color?

    I love basically all the colors.  Favorites to wear lately are mustard, burgundy, and teal, but in the spring/summer I do mostly jewel tones.  My apartment is decorated mostly in turquoise/yellow/gray, and my favorite color for everything else (coffee mugs, day planners, random crap like that) is pink.

    Favorite sports team?

    OKC Thunder, Chicago Cubs, Arkansas Razorbacks, and I still love my OSU Cowboys

    Favorite type of music?

    I really love 90s music.  Like a lot.  Also I really love international music of various forms: the Latin/Hispanic songs I used to use for Zumba, Turkish or Lebanese music; Arabic pop is another favorite.

    Favorite author(s)?

    I just re-read all the Harry Potter books recently, so J.K. Rowling is also on my mind.  To round out my Top 5, probably Orhan Pamuk, Michael Chabon, Barbara Kingsolver, and Christopher Moore.

    Favorite foods?

    Ice cream.  Cupcakes.  Middle Eastern or Greek food.  I also love a good salad with salmon.

    What is your decorating style?

    Um...clean?  Clutter is not my thing, and I like clean lines and not a lot of frou-frou stuff.

    What is your clothing/accessory style?

    Um...can I call it "professor chic"?  To teach I wear mostly slacks or pencil skirts and blouses, with a cardigan if it's chilly.  I alternate between heels and flats, but somehow never remember to wear flats on the days I have to lecture for hours.  At home I wear sweatpants and oversized t-shirts so that when I walk the dog nobody can tell I'm not wearing a bra.  I've started experimenting a little more with jewelry--I like rose gold or yellow gold almost exclusively.

    Do you have any allergies?

    Officially I am allergic to cats.  They make me sneeze like crazy if I haven't been around them for a while.

    Do you collect anything?

    I have a half-hearted collection of coffee mugs.  Books.

    Favorite scents?

    I'm really into incense lately.  My favorite one is patchouli because it makes my house smell like my yoga studio.  Also freshly-baked bread.

    Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?

    Coffee or tea...I tend to start with coffee in the morning and then switch to tea in the afternoon as I decrease my caffeine consumption.  I drink hot chocolate maybe twice a year.


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    labro said:

    Do you have any allergies?

    - I am allergic to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Wal Mart and any beer owned by In-Bev.

    Best response!

  • @TwoDimes YOU CAUGHT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • lightningsnowlightningsnow member
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    It's been a while since I have been on this board and I'm not even sure I'm still welcome here but I wanted to fill this out. I don't plan to be a part of the SS but I like filling these out.

    What are your hobbies? Video games, reading, hanging out with my BF

    Favorite color? Black and Hot Pink

    Favorite sports team? Not big into sports but I'm a New Englander so the New England Patriots

    Favorite type of music? Rock mostly though my iPod has a mix of everything

    Favorite author(s)? Kay Hooper

    Favorite foods? Pizza, Pasta, BF's mom's Portuguese cooking

    What is your decorating style? I don't think I really have one. BF and I have been living in our condo almost two years and there's really no decorating going on

    What is your clothing/accessory style? Simple. I prefer jeans and tank tops during the summer and jeans and thermals during the colder months.

    Do you have any allergies? Pollen and dust.

    ETA: Do you collect anything? Fairy figurines and comic books

    Favorite scents? Roses and fresh clean laundry

    Coffee, tea or hot chocolate? Hot chocolate

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  • Favorite scents?
    I like seasonal scents, if that makes sense...

    Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?
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    TwoDimes said:

    Favorite scents?
    I like seasonal scents, if that makes sense...

    Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?

    If I had you, I'd get you Starbucks giftcard. HAHAHAHAHAH.

    ETA - wait, I forgot you don't work there anymore. Way less funny. Sorry!

    Lmao my BF makes that joke every year :lol: it would still be funny don't worry
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    @TwoDimes - I was thinking of this Friends episode...


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  • labro said:
    @lightningsnow Hilarious Fartbubbler gifs aside. It's a public forum. Post here if you want. The only reason it causes so many shenanigans on our part is because you choose to just pop up randomly every six months.
    I know. I figure y'all wouldn't want to hear much from me since I've caused many issues in the past. I'm still very hesitant to post much over here. I'm going to try to incorporate myself back in but it may take me a bit. I'm still somewhat scared of y'all since things went down in the past. I'm sure as long as I don't go off the deep end again, which I doubt since I've grown since I last was here, it should be fine.
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     The internet is filled with wondrous things.


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  • Swazzle said:
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    Formerly known as bubbles053009

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