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Reception Dress Suggestions

Hey everyone, 

I am getting married in the states with my family and having a reception in England with my fiances family. I was planning to purchase a reception dress that it shorter, white, but still fancy. Does anyone know of places to look for these? 


Re: Reception Dress Suggestions

  • I would check a nice store like Nordstrom or anywhere that sells bridesmaid dresses (sometimes they come in white or off-white).

    Some of these may be fancy enough for you depending on what you are looking for.  http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/womens-little-white-dresses

    Good luck and let us know what you find!


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  • I know David's Bridal also has shorter white dresses as both wedding dresses or bridesmaid dresses so that is also an option. You might also want to keep an eye out for smaller bridal boutiques that are near you.

    I hope you find one you love!

  • Thanks ladies (: I appreciate your thoughts and advice. 

    I am going home in December for a whirlwind wedding tour of appointments: bridal, reception dress, flowers, cake, and food tastings all squeezed into four days! I am going to look at a store called BLHDN. I have seen some really nice dresses there! 
  • My dress is from BHLDN! I was very pleased with my experience there.
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