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HELP Tahoe Wedding on a Budget

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Alright Please anyone give me some ideas.

My save the date photos are November 14th. I don't  have avenue picked out so that mean my date is not set. I really want to have my wedding in Tahoe. but I am on a budget of $6500. I will have approx. 50 guests. I went to Tahoe over the weekend and the lady I met with was not helpful at all. we are also wanting something that is outside and indoor reception with a bbq buffet.

Thank you

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Re: HELP Tahoe Wedding on a Budget

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    This is probably best posted on a local board, as this specific board is international.


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  • OP - your local boards to Tahoe are going to be your best resource here as they can give you specific recommendations.  The key to keeping things on a budget - watch your nickels and dimes! 

    Things like Save the Dates are something that can easily be cut from your budget and until you have a venue and firm guest list, it's best to not focus on doing.  Also, so many brides come on here with nightmares of the STD's and finding out they have to cut guests because of budget or what have you.  They aren't necessary! 

    Next, consider the surrounding areas because the closer you get to the highest points in the state the more money it's going to cost you and your guests.  Also, remember you don't have to spend every penny of your budget, it's really o.k. to come in under budget as long as you're properly hosting your guests.  Check some of the hotels in the area as many have meeting spaces large enough for 50 guests.  It's all in how you want the day to be, but remember to keep your expectations in check.  You don't need a $2000 DJ, an $900 cake, $2500 flowers...  Keep it simple, set your budget and ask vendors "What can I get for the money?" when doing negotiations, but don't cheap-out either.  You aren't going to get a baker to deliver a freshly made cake for $2/slice (not even Sam's is that cheap!), be realistic but that doesn't mean break the bank either... 

  • I hate to say it, but have you googled places up there? I get it's not local to you, so you really need to do the leg work first before you post a very general plea for help. You barely know your budget, your guest list isn't final, you have no date, no venue, but are already meeting with people? Of course the lady (what's her job anyways? caterer? wedding planner?) was no help, she had no direction from you. Do you even have an idea what season you want your wedding in?
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