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  • @alpacina THANKS! Yes, they do need to find better things to be grumps about. Or interested in. People leave jobs all the time like @speakeasy14 said, I don't really get why my leaving is such big gossipy news. Good luck quitting smoking! And you don't sound like a broken record piece of crap, quitting is hard. You can do it though!

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  • @AlPacina You can do this!!!! And it will help sooooooooo much that your BF is trying to quit too! I'm proud of both of you!

  • @cu97tiger - You look lovely!

    @AlPacina - I have never heard that but it's amazing hahahaha YOU GOT THIS, GIRL! STAY STRONG! I know how fucking hard it is to quit but you can do it! 

  • @GoldenPenguin - AMAZING catch.


    5 months is my longest run without smoking since I was 20. I'm really hoping I can make it to forever this time. This is BF's first attempt to quit, so I really won't blame him at all if he doesn't manage to quit completely, but we're going to try going for walks together when we really want a smoke. I just wish we had that plan back before the rain started again!

  • @cu97tiger I don't know how to fix the bedding issue, but for the wires and anything else they chew on, spray it with a pepper spray.  We got an all natural one from a pet place and it stopped the dogs from chewing.  
    Can I just spray pepper spray on my whole bed? I know I know... middle of the night, I go to rub my eye and WHAM wide awake with burning eyes. But seriously, I'm so over them chewing! I wonder if we just sprayed it on the bottom end of the bed if that would be enough to keep them from chewing other places.
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    "You are made of win." -SopChick
    Still here and still fabulous!

  • @AlPacina Please come make that grilled cheese for me, kthxbye. PS:

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  • @cu97tiger apparently citrus stops chewing, so if you put that on your sheets and pillows that at least won't kill your eyes. 
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    @cu97tiger big pieces of aluminum foil might keep them off your bed. there are also wire protectors that are really cheap on amazon, both my cat and rabbit chew wires so we use those.

    edit: i just realized you were talking about them doing it at night. Idk how to address that. I don't let animals sleep in my bed because of my allergies so I have no experience with that lol
  • TwoDimes said:
    Copy cat.

    GAAAAHHH. You posted while I was posting & I didn't even see it. My sincerest apologies. 


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  • @swazzle LOLOLOL how do you find these things? I snort-laughed.
  • @eilis1228 TWO DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    @AlPacina you can definitely do this. It is always much easier when a SO is on board too. I had the same problem with losing weight; FI would eat junk food in front of me and then I couldn't resist. But since we have started dieting together we have both kept it up and lost a lot of weight. I hope a similar thing happens with the two of you! Keep each other accountable, and going for walks sounds like a great idea!

    @untouchablets I'm sorry your coworkers are being jerks. People do move around all the time, so try not to let it bother you too much (I know, I know, easier said then done, but still).

    I'm working from home again today. My foot doesn't seem much better at all despite rest, ice, painkillers/anti-inflammatories, elevation, and compression. It is currently on two pillows with an ice pack on it. I really hope this starts to heal soon, otherwise I might have something more serious going on. 

    What are you wearing today? Black yoga pants, a blue tank top, and my e-ring. No bra because I am home and want to be comfortable.
    Do you have a favorite pair of shoes? My Jimmy Choos! They should be here in 4ish weeks! Hopefully my foot is healed by then so that I can walk in them when they arrive.
    What's the last movie you saw in the theater? Jurassic World
    Are you dressing up for Halloween? Not this year. Maybe I will do something a little crazy with my makeup to hand out candy, but that depends on whether or not I can keep weight on my foot. 
    What's your favorite candy? I have to pick just one? I guess it would have to be a tie between Whoppers, York, and Twix.

  • @minskat30 - When I was little, if someone came to the door without a costume on, my mom made them do some sort of performance for candy or else they walked away empty-handed. I remember someone singing for her and someone doing a handstand. 

    @aurorarose41 - You should go to urgent care! That's sounds painful! 

    @labro - There was a trunk or treat at my community center over the weekend and neither H nor I knew WTF it was. 

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    @minskat30 my halloween pet peeve is when all of the parents bring van loads of kids to the neighborhood, and then drive crazy around the neighborhood with the kids. They stop at a few houses, and then get back into the van and drive fast up to the next set of houses. 

    I get that you want your kids to trick or treat in a safe neighborhood, but you are making it unsafe if you do this! Find somewhere to park the car and walk with your kids.

  • My Halloween pet peeve is when towns do Halloween before or after actual Halloween! Like when it's on a school night or if it's raining. It ruins the fun! My town does that and also has trick or treating at businesses on main street, so kids trick or treat twice. It's cool for the kids but I kind of side eye that.
  • @swazzle - I love your mom.  I think I'll steal that idea this year. 

    @aurorarose41 - I would be going to the prompt care if I was you.  Foot injuries are not something to mess around with. 
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    @Swazzle I already did! They told me they saw no obvious fracture on the x-ray, but that it was still possible that a fracture existed, and to keep off of it as much as possible and do everything that I have been doing. They also told me if it didn't get better in a few days to come back and they would order more tests/scans to check for something more serious. 

    If that wasn't enough, my manager just emailed me saying that he needed to check with HR about working from home for 3 days straight and isn't sure if that's allowed (but telecommuting is allowed based on WFH policies are written out to my knowledge). My work only requires an internet connection right now, and part of the treatment is to keep it iced and elevated, which I can't easily do at work. 

    ETA: Needless to say I am kind of frustrated with my company right now.

  • @minskat30 I think it must be more of a thing where I live because I'm in the land where the Baptists rule? I dunno. There is a church down the road from us having trunk or treat at 6 PM on Saturday night! Like....I guess I side eye it less if it's early in the day, or not on the same day as Halloween, cause then the kids can still do normal trick or treating, but this is clearly trying to usurp the awesomeness of real trick or treating!!

    @untouchablets I hate that too! When I was a kid, we trick or treated on the actual day! School day or not - we were out there. Trick or treating didn't start for us until after an early dinner - so like 6:30 or 7, and we walked all over the neighborhood.

  • @aurorarose41 schedule an appointment with an orthopedist.  Your injury is sounding more and more like mine. My fractures were internal and they didn't see them until I had a MRI.

    @labro ugh the trunk or treat is ridiculous.  I grew up in freaking Queens where my mother had to check our candy because there were issues with people putting razor blades in candy.  We still were allowed to go door to door and trick or treat like normal children.

    @minskat30 I had to look up when trick or treating is for my neighborhood, I had no idea kids didn't go out on Halloween anymore.  We have Halloween but the neighboring borough was last weekend?

    My Halloween Pet Peeve that hasn't been mentioned - Older kids who steal candy.  A lot of people where I live will leave out a bowl if they're not home.  The older kids will dump the entire bowl in their pillow cases before the little kids even start trick or treating.  
  • @goldenpenguin at least Vi wants friends -- Callie just wants to murder everyone. I'm really glad we don't have a doorbell. 
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