Wedding Woes


Rain, rain, go away. Blerg. 

I need another week off to sleep.  Work has been kicking my ass this week. 

I'm very grumpy.  I'm trying to watch stand-up and it's not helping at all. Harumph. 

Re: Wednesday

  • @mrs.conn23 - did you watch the orca launch the seal? that was cracking me up, yesterday. 

    i still have a low grade headache today - i'm hoping that it won't get worse. we have a fire drill this morning, so I may end up curled up in a little ball in a dark conference room, later. (they use strobes and a siren - combined with a migraine this triggers my synesthesia- i can literally see sound.)

    Wolverine has a dentist appointment this afternoon, so I'll have to leave early to take her. DK has a happy hour after work tonight, and I have one tomorrow. I also need to find time to finish her Halloween costume before Friday, so I guess I'll be doing that tonight. 
  • Highs and lows man, highs and lows. This week has been a mess at work with way too many conference calls, emails, and IMs, and not enough the usual boring stuff I deal with. I got 4 hours of sleep last night and then my body was like "it's 4:30 am, rise and shine motherfucker!' The bad news is that I might have to travel next week. :(

    I did get up and do my hair/makeup nicer than usual so I got that going for me.
  • I subbed for a neighborhood card club last night.  It was a lot tamer than the Bunco group but still tons of fun.

    MIL is mad at me.  6let has a rosary ceremony in a few weeks.  It's 45 minutes a few prayers a few songs.  My father prays the rosary daily.  I asked him and my mom if they wanted to come over for the ceremony.  MIL wants to come.  The only time the woman is in a church- my kids' baptisms, our wedding, her father's funeral.  This has zero meaning to her other than she doesn't want my parents to  get an invite she didn't.  I hope there's a Browns game.

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