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Coming down the aisle

I am having one person in my bridal party. My idea was to start a song and let her walk down the aisle, and when the chorus hits I will enter. Please give me some song ideas that would work good like that!

Re: Coming down the aisle

  • Any song you like could work like that. It all depends on what you're going for.

  • Are you having a religious ceremony? They usually give you options for what you can choose so that may narrow it down for you.
  • I was thinking about going with the song I'll Follow You Down by Shinedown, but I think it may be too hard.
  • When is your wedding?  I am using Love on Top by Beyonce.  Don't be afraid to go back in time - Everyday by Buddy Holly or Special Angel or Be My Baby by The Ronettes, etc.  How about Two Is Better Than One with Taylor Swift?  There are so many out there that are great to walk down to that are non-traditional.
  • @countryup - this thread is from October.

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