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Hello?  The sun is finally out! YAY!  It was pretty dreary for several days there. 

Work computer issues have been plaguing me all week.  I'm so over it and all methods to get it fixed have been useless.  It's killing my productivity. 

Re: Thursday

  • So tired. So very tired. Nothing really new here. I'm in a funk because of a few things and it's rainy here today. I pretty much want to curl up in bed and watch movies or nap.
  • What a miserable week.  It's been cold and rainy and DH has a bad cold so neither of us are sleeping well.

    The kids are off today and tomorrow for parent teacher conferences.  We met with DD1's teacher last night.  She's doing well and the teacher loves her.  We will meet with DD2's teacher today.

    I got the house cleaned and just want to sit on my butt the rest of the day.  But I have a work meeting and I suppose I have to feed the kids a few times and I have to go get DH some more medicine.

    I made the appointment for an orthodontic consultation for Son on Monday.  At least now we can stop talking about how much it's going to cost and just find out.
  • PJs and movie day? Yes, please!

    I took a long weekend to road trip with my mom to visit my sister.  It was a good trip but long enough.  My sister's family has lots of drama/chaos and I can only deal with that so long.  We walked in a breast cancer walk Sunday.  It was cool that we had 4 generations of women in our family walk with my mom, who is a 3 year survivor.  Saturday I was able to get away for a few hours and have lunch with a friend and her new husband who live nearby.  

    I'm trying to catch up at work after being gone 2 days so it's been a busy week.  I've slept crappy and am looking forward to going to bed early tonight (DH is working) and sleeping in on Saturday.
  • My feet are still so tired and swollen from last night.  But, I'm super proud.  My little skeptics group raised $500 to be donated to the Syrian refugee crisis.  Yes, it's a drop in the bucket, but it's OUR drop into an issue where many of us feel very helpless to help at all.  My group also recently won a national award for the charity work in our city.  It's turning into exactly what I envisioned and it's so wonderful to see it flowering.

    I really Really REALLY wanted today to be Friday.  So damn bad.  I'll see the speaker tonight and I think I'm just crashing the hell out this weekend.
  • I'm all out of sorts this week and I don't know why.  Tonight is trick or treat.  MIL is coming and spending the night.  Tomorrow DH and I are HOPEFULLY buying a sectional.  When that's done I'll know how much is left for  a loveseat and curtains.
  • i had my OBGYN yearly today, so came in to the office late. 
    getting the Mirena renewed next month (yay!) - it will be 5 years in December. 
    I'm also going to make an appointment to talk to a genetic counselor about BRCA 1 &2 testing. No breast cancer in the family, but I know it can be a marker for ovarian cancer, too - given my history with the cysts/tumor, and my maternal grandmother dying from ovarian cancer, I'd like to have more information on risks. 

    we have a happy hour tonight, but I also need to finish Wolverine's costume, so I won't be out too late. I have tomorrow off, so I'm looking forward to sleeping in and playing video games. they also have a parade at school, so I will probably go for that. 

  • It has been a long week, but things are looking up. I'm going to a bachelorette party tomorrow night for one of my coworkers. But I think I'm getting sick :'( I don't have time to be sick.

    FI texted me today to tell me that him and his dad will be taking their bass boat out on Saturday to go fishing while I sleep off my hangover from tomorrow night. I told him to have fun and don't wake me up when he leaves.

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