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We are having a catered southern buffet. The ceremony is at 11 at our church followed at noon by lunch at the church assembly room (which comfortably fits 200 people). We have a guest list of 135. Here is the menu:
  • BBQ with 3 different sauces
  • Roasted chicken
  • Hash and rice
  • A Shrimp and Grits station with all of the fixings
  • Green beans
  • Cole slaw
  • Roasted potatoes
  • Garden Salad
  • Fruit and cheese
  • Stuffed mushrooms
  • Tea (sweet and unsweet), water, lemonade (one of our signature drinks we are calling yellow rose lemonade -its my middle name) and Sonic Ocean water(my fav drink-there is a recipe online that we gave to our caterer and we are calling it Patriotic Punch)
  • And of course cake
I feel like I am missing something but cant quite put my finger on it. Any advice???

Re: Menu opinions

  • That all sounds really good!

    All the catering packages that I have seen come with 2-3 salads. Does the cole slaw count as a salad? or are you missing a potato salad or pasta salad?

    And maybe just after dinner coffee, since some people are just coffee drinkers even in the south. 
  • Are feeling that way bc there is no bread item?
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  • No this one doesnt even come with the salad. We added that on. They also proviode rolls (sorry forgot to include that) so that is covered. I was thinking that maybe there isnt enough for vegetarians??
  • Its a little starch heavy with the hash/rice, grits, potatoes, and rolls. Would you be open to swapping out potatoes or rice for grilled veggies or something?

    Definitely not a switch you have to make and you are fine as is...just a thought.

  • The switching out of the potatoes is a good idea. The rice goes with hash (dont have one without the other lol)
  • Do you have a lot of vegetarians in your crowd?  I count 6 veggie dishes, though I don't know if there's any surprise bacon in the stuffed mushrooms or roasted potatoes.

    I'd be able to make a meal out of that, but it's heavy on the carb side, I'd be missing something hearty.  Vegetarian chili, for instance.  Is there a vegetarian BBQ option you're offering?  If you're not feeding too many vegetarians then I wouldn't worry about it too much, especially since it's lunch.
  • Not that I know of maybe 1 or 2. The stuffed mushrooms are stuffed with sausage and the southern green beans are always cooked with ham so that leaves the salad, fruit, potatoes and coleslaw
  • Ah.  If there are only 1 or 2 then I wouldn't worry about it.  The one thing I would appreciate is signs marking the vegetarian dishes.  There's nothing dignified about taking a bite of something and having to spit it out into a napkin because of some type of surprise meat.
  • I think you are missing macaroni and cheese.  That should be served with any BBQ meal in my opinion.  That could also help to add a vegetarian option that isn't just a salad.    

    Also, I feel like roasted potatoes are never good in a buffet.... tend to get soggy and lose the crispy outside that makes roasted potatoes so good.  
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  • hmm mac and cheese. Didnt think about that. Ive never had roasted potatoes on a buffet. that a good point. We still have about 6 months to hash it out. 
  • I'm thinking definitely add in coffee for a beverage if you can. Your church may already have large canisters in the hall already so it'd be easy to add in.

    Definitely consider adding mac n cheese as a side dish. IMO - not a bbq meal without it!

    I've never actually had an issue with soggy roasted potatoes in a buffet setting - maybe if they sat out for hours and hours or were never cooked right to begin with? Anyway, if you want to swap it out do it - maybe do a seasonal vegetable medley or something.

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