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Typical cost of DJ?

FI and I have spoken to 2 DJs about playing our reception and now we have to decide who to hire. We got price quotes from both but they're about $1,000 apart in price. I know you get what you pay for so I'm just wondering about what people have paid. Not sure if the cheaper option is too cheap or the pricier one is overpriced, you know? Just trying to get a sense of what is typical for the area. (Albany area, to clarify.) Thanks!

Re: Typical cost of DJ?

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    Can I ask who the DJs are? We are in the Albany area, and booked who many of our other vendors regard as the best DJ in the area. I initially wanted to use a different company that I had used for birthday and family parties in the past, and they were $1k+ more than the one we booked. I don't think there is much of a difference depending on who we are talking about, apart from the one I looked at was a bigger company with more overhead most likely (they had multiple DJ's under them), where as the DJ we have is a one man show.

  • We're in the Syracuse area and our DJ is running us $1300 for the full day.
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