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Hi everyone,

We're having our reception at the North Bank Park Pavilion, but will be having our ceremony somewhere else (we're looking at a few parks), and will need to rent chairs for the ceremony only. The rental company we're using for tents doesn't do same-day delivery for chairs (they would have to deliver them the night before, and we can't rent the space overnight).

Does anyone know a rental company that could accommodate us for this? We would need 170 chairs delivered in the afternoon and set up, and then removed that evening after 5pm. 


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    Lasting Impressions and Event Source are the 2 largest event rental companies around ... meaning staff and logistics are probable.  So, give them a try,  But, if you don't know where your ceremony is, maybe it's possible you won't have to rent chairs - just move them.  Or, the place you have your ceremony may have a suggestion re: seating.  


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