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Help from past Brides at the Newland Barn, HB.

Hi there. I'm very new to the Knot, and wedding planning in itself, but my Fiancé have gotten as far as booking a venue - The Newland Barn in Huntington Beach, Ca.
My future Mr. and I are having trouble with the logistics of how/when to set up at the barn/lawn.
Any past couples that have been married there, or been to a wedding there before care to offer some insight and help?
(Round tables, rectangle, to use the inside of the barn, or not. When to set up the reception and how, suggestions, things you liked / didn't etc.)
We're getting married Oct of 2016. with probably 150 guests.
Thank you!

Re: Help from past Brides at the Newland Barn, HB.

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    Yep, my good friend got married there a couple years ago and I helped with the design. It was a super cute and very sweet venue. She used round tables--all outside. She set up the cake and catering inside. She used Hutchinson Weddings for the planning, Bride and Bloom Flowers, and an Italian catering co but I can't rememebr the name...but I think they were super local and the venue might know who they were.
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