Simple plus-size wedding dresses

Now that we are under the 7-month countdown, I'm starting to stress about my dress. Background is that I have lost about 60 pounds since June 2014 but am still quite big, street size 24. The last 7-8 months I have not lost very much weight so while I am still trying to focus on my health, I don't want to be overly optimistic about dropping sizes between now and the wedding.

I bought this dress from ModCloth when it went on close-out pricing (it cost $70): I absolutely love the simple, no train, lace style. 

I bought it back in February when my weight loss was still on track and I thought I'd be a size 16-18 by the wedding, so I got it in a size 20. I can "fit" into this dress using the most technical sense of the term, but it does not look good and the silhouette makes me feel very uncomfortable. While I'd like to lose 30-50 pounds in the next 7 months, that may not happen, and even if it does, I still don't think the silhouette will be at a level I'm comfortable with by then. I know there is Spanx and I will look into that, but it only goes so far, plus I want to be really comfortable on my wedding day.

Having said all that, I'm now looking into a new dress and starting to get extremely anxious. I'm hoping to score something at a David's $99 sale depending on when that happens, but I think I could go up to $3-400 if I needed to. However, most dresses are far more formal and fancy that what I am interested in. I really like the simple A-line, no train, not a lot of pouf, appliques, beading, etc. with some kind of strap or sleeve. And, most of the simpler dresses are tea length or shorter, whereas I really want a long dress.

The emotions of being overweight and shopping for a wedding dress are already tough to deal with, but feeling like I can't find anything that matches what I'm looking for and needing to stay within a smaller budget is causing me to feel extremely panicked. I'm not that into fashion or shopping in my everyday life, and our wedding is pretty casual, but I still want to feel beautiful on my wedding day.

Anyone have advice for where to shop or styles of dresses to try? Thanks. :)
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Re: Simple plus-size wedding dresses

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