Outdoor Ceremony with Picnic Tables

Hello all. I'm planning my wedding for September 2016. I've been looking at a local park to have my ceremony (it's my dream to get married outside). Looking at prices, it send like it'll be most cost efficient to rent a pavilion.

Now, picnic tables are provided and we plan on using them as ceremony seating (the reception will be at a different location). However, I want to make them comfortable for our guests to sit on. I plan on moving the picnic tables in somewhat of a row or semi circle, with the benches parallel to the "altar" area.

I want to borrow as many quilts, throws, afghans, tapestries as I can to cover the benches. But I was thinking of just dressing up one side of the picnic table, the bench facing the "altar" so the actual table would act as a backrest. Or should I do both benches and let guests decide if they want to climb in and out of the picnic table?


Re: Outdoor Ceremony with Picnic Tables

  • If it were me, I would do both or none. Just because I am painfully detailed oriented and it would bother me to see one bench done and not the other. Plus, in pictures from the back of the pavilion the unfinished benches would be more showcased. And finally, guests can sit with more people if they are sitting on both sides. ie, my family of 9 (Parents, Brothers, significant others, children, etc) could all sit together, instead of having to split up.

    And as long as your ceremony isn't overly long your guest's comfort shouldn't be a major problem. If you have very elderly or handicapped people you're worried about you could always provide a handful of chairs that may be better suited for them.

    A quick Google search turned up the following images that I think are really neat. Obviously you wouldn't need all the glassware since it's only the ceremony, but you could always put fans/programs/bubbles/confetti/etc if you wanted a little something on the tables with some really low centerpieces or garland.

    I wouldn't drive yourself crazy over this though. Some really simple decorations can go a long way, and whatever you do will be lovely!
  • I was thinking of doing more simple versions of my centerpieces on the table and the programs. The ceremony is only going to be about 15 minutes long.
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