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To bundle or not to bundle wedding services

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Hi Everyone, 

I tried to see if this question has been asked already and I couldn't find it so I apologize if it's been asked/answered. 

We are looking to book our dj, photographer, and videographer. I'm wondering if anyone has advice on if we should book each service individually (through different vendors) or go with vendors that include bundled packages. I'm assuming the pros with doing a bundle is the savings of a couple hundred on their services and having everything under one company. However, have you found it to be most cost effective to do these services individually? Have you experienced issues dealing with different vendors on the day of the wedding?

Thanks in advance!

Re: To bundle or not to bundle wedding services

  • I say book separately, but that's what I did.  I had a friend who booked a DJ/photographer package and her pictures came out very generic.  I think you should always go with a professional or experienced photographer that fits your style.  Some of these deals seem really tempting, but any guy can walk around and take pictures at a wedding and call it "photography" but you definitely get what you pay for.  I found DJs were easy to negotiate with.  We had a few who weren't willing to work with our budget, but we also found a bunch who were willing to.  
  • I say bundle.  I did the research and got a bundle deal with a company that even threw in print design (sign in board, custom menus to match my invites, thank you magnets).  I saved about $900 overall.  Just determine your complete budget and check out some companies.  I reach out to: and do a search for My Beloved Wed & Art, LLC
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