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what to do when you can't trust the posts

There's info out there that some venues write their own "fictional" bride responses and praises so everyone thinks there's a fantastic experience when, in actual fact, they're failing.  True or false and what's done to assure that doesn't happen?

Re: what to do when you can't trust the posts

  • I don't know if this is actually done. I guess a venue could do this and get away with it. Do you really expect posters here to know if that's done, and what's in place to make sure it doesn't happen? 

    Your best bet is to post here asking for info on whatever venues you're looking at. 
  • Use your judgement.  I've gotten answers from party planners, and their advice was just fantastic.  So, if it's good advice, who cares?  If it's bad or suspicious -- flag it so that the knot folks can close the conversations.
  • I agree with Esther. Use your judgement but also check reviews. I just got engaged and still looking for a venue but I like wedding wire because of the reviews. :)
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