November 2016 Weddings

November 5th!

We officially booked our venue, caterer, florist, and photographer last week (I was in town seeing family and got it all done).  How goes the planning for the other November 5th brides?  
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Re: November 5th!

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    Yay, fellow November 5th bride here! I pretty much have done the same as you; venue, caterer and photographer. I'm planning from out of the country though and won't be home until July, so I probably won't do too much else for awhile. I'm crossing my fingers that we can scrape some money up for engagement photos soon, but that budget got blown when my FH got 6 speeding tickets!! (don't even get me started about that haha) Anyway, I'm pretty much at a standstill planning wise for now I think.
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    We just booked out venue a few weeks ago. They also do the catering. Hoping to find a DJ this month and maybe a photographer. But the holidays are making it hard. I'm very excited :) Color and bridal party is chosen as are center pieces. 
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