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Hi Knot Universe (repost from Wedding woes!),

I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this issue. My wedding is set at the Onteora Mountain House in Boiceville, NY 10/15/2016. Apparently, this is a really popular weekend due to a Wolf and Sheep festival and hotels are not willing to do blocks, requiring 2 night minimums, and are jacking up prices ($220-$250/night)...we had no idea about this weekend and are stuck with 110 guests who are going to need lodging for at least one night and transportation to the venue.

We work with a planner who just sent us a bunch of links to other hotels around and said maybe figure out how to coordinate. Not helpful at all. She's killing me.

Any ideas here? I would say AirBnB is a great option, but we have family coming who isn't too hip on that, plus the shuttle situation is going to be a nightmare...

I really appreciate your help/thoughts!!

Re: Hotel issues

  • You really need the help of a travel agent from the area.  Very often, they can get you a block of hotel/motel rooms in the area and get a great price.  They also can get you ground transportation.  I am curious as to why your planner is being negligent?  Maybe you need to speak to her -- this should be included as part of her service.  But the bottom line is that you can't visit every hotel and B&B in the area, and a professional in hospitality can do wonders.  They only get a commission from the hotels and you needn't pay anything.
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