Anyone use Edit 1 Media for their video??

We got married in July of 2014 and are still waiting for our video from Edit 1 Media who has been completely unresponsive despite numerous attempts at contact. I am trying to find some other people who are in the same boat! Let me know if you or anyone you know hired Edit 1 to do their video and are still waiting!!!

Thanks :)

Re: Anyone use Edit 1 Media for their video??

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    I just saw this post and am hoping you've received your video in the last couple months. I own a local Seattle wedding videography company, Emerald Media Services, and our typical turnaround time is 2 weeks for the video. The industry average is usually around 2-3 months, with 6 months being the longest I've heard of. If you haven't received your video yet, I would look at your contract and potentially reach out via Yelp, Facebook, or even the Better Business Bureau, as that may illicit a response from them. I wish you all the best in getting the video! Sorry for your poor experience.


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