When is the best time to have an outdoor wedding?

I'm on a really tight budget, and I expect to have a fairly small wedding, so I've been looking at smaller, cheaper venues. At first, I really wanted some sort of indoor space for the guests to retreat to in case of foul weather, but I've found quite a few beautiful venues within my price range that don't offer that option. I've only been living in Texas about a year, so I was wondering what are the BEST months (weather-wise) to have a completely outdoor wedding? The comfort of my guests is important, because if it's too hot or too cold, I know they'll all be leaving early.

Re: When is the best time to have an outdoor wedding?

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    Generally, spring and fall are ideal. That being said, the year before I got married in San Antonio, it snowed one day in February (rare) and then was 70 degrees the next day. I got married at the end of March, and it was a great temperature-wise. Breezy but not too cold. My cousin got married a few years before me on the 1st of April, and we were freezing outside. TX weather is nuts. 
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