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Alternatives to a videographer

It looks like there will not be much room left in the budget for a videographer which makes me sad because I really wanted something that we could look back on besides the pictures. 

Does anyone have any cool alternative ideas that worked well for them? 

Re: Alternatives to a videographer

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    Well, my brother volunteered to video our wedding ceremony for us.  And him and sister-in-law took video of our first dance and other random things during the reception.  It's a 1.5 years later and we still have not seen any of the video. They originally said that they want to edit it and stuff before giving it to us... I get that they are busy.  After a while we just stopped asking about it... and my husband does feel a bit of animosity about it.  So, I'm not sure that I would suggest using family to video it.


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    Do you have any budget left at all? You may be able to work with a vendor on just doing the ceremony or part of reception. I'd also post on your local board to see if anyone knows of someone local that is starting out or may be willing to work within your budget.
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    We just took our camera and set it up with a gigantic memory card on a tripod. One of my husbands' cousins volunteered to man it, so we showed her how to use it and she pressed play before the ceremony and stopped after; and then brought it back to the reception and did the same with the speeches. We took the camera home with the rest of our stuff and that was that.

    I've watched it exactly once. It's obviously not professionally made; but it has the speeches and it has us reading our vows, which is all I really wanted. So I was pretty pleased with it, and it only ended up costing us maybe $50 for a new SD card. 
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